Enfin ! Il est là le tant attendu patch 1.1.0 pour Frontlines. Il est censé corriger les choses contre lesquelles je pestais le plus lors de mon test en avril dernier, à savoir la refonte complète du browser et un anti-spawnkill. Il ajoute aussi la protection punkbuster. Je ferai un feedback complet dès que j'aurai installé le correctif que vous pouvez télécharger à cette adresse.

Le changelog complet se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle :

New Features

* PunkBuster anti-cheat has been added
* Spawn Protection – To prevent spawn camping, players will spawn with a few seconds of invulnerability that will end if they perform an action

New Server Browser

* Phase 1 of the NEW Server Browser
o New streamlined design with easy to use layout
o Added text filters for the following categories: Server Name, Player Count, Ping, Map Name & Version Number
+ Server Name filter will search entire through entire server names for matching criteria
+ Player filter will default to the minimum number entered. This field also accepts ranges such as 10-40
+ Ping filter will take the number entered as the max ping allowed. This field also accepts ranges as well
o Server Information Box
+ Added server IP display
+ Added server name display
+ Added text clan/server company/message of the day support
o Added ability to cancel server search and the server browser will continue to display already pulled servers
+ Can apply filters to pulled servers
o Server browser no longer refreshes when coming back from the server info screens
o Enter IP address can now use IP’s with ports and can use alpha characters


* Players can no longer stick landmines onto their legs
* Invert controls for land vehicles has been fixed
* Turrets will no longer continue firing when squad menu is raised
* All passengers in a vehicle will see hit notifications
* Sentry guns take slightly less damage to destroy
* Sentry guns will cause slightly less damage
* Sentry guns will no longer respawn after being destroyed (single-player game)
* Grenade launcher damage vs infantry has been slightly reduced
* Railgun rounds, clips, fire speed and damage radius have been modified, increasing the effectiveness of the weapon
* Character Movement Changes
o Forced pause which prevented the player from moving when recovering from a jump has been removed
o Player will be prevented from jumping immediately after landing for 0.5 seconds (stops the bouncing bunny syndrome)
o Multiple fixes should result is much less visible “sliding”, “worming” and “Dolphin” effects from transitioning between crouch to standing, crouch to prone and prone to standing
o Sprinting while crouched or prone has been removed
o Jumping from and to prone should now be impossible
o A minimum timer has been set in between changing positions. (This will prevent crouch/prone spamming)
o Character ground speed has been slightly increased, this includes strafe speed
o Free fall speed has increased for a more realistic feeling
* Single Player: Graveyard – Destroying all tanks will now always advance the frontline properly

User Interface

* Action key (E) can now be changed to any key. This key is also used for “Exit Vehicle” functionality and is listed under Infantry controls.
* Scoreboard bugs related to double entries and zero point entries fixed
* Scoreboard now displays server name, server IP and personal ping
* Player can now paste text longer then the max characters set for a text box


* Fix for reported ATI X800/X850 user crashes on start up
* Vsync default setting is now turned to off, solving some crashes for lower end cards (this is the Maximize Framerate option in the Video- Advanced tab)
* Added NULL check to stop players from inputting illegal characters and crashing the game
* Systems with the Ageia PhysX card will no longer result in game crashes
* Server crash caused by PhysX issue has been addressed


* Polish language fixes to load screens and gameplay text


* Registry fix to document the running version number and installed SKU (EFIS, E, EG etc). This will allow for improved patch installation detection

Known Issues (to be addressed in a hotfix coming shortly)

* Changing keys in the Control options will not check to see if a key is already bound. This is planned to be fixed in a future patch
* Punkbuster will kick you off the server if you use the following special characters in your display name: comma, forward slash, or backslash
* Effective melee distance to be reduced
* When using the pipe character in a server name, text after the pipe will not be shown in the upper right server information window
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