armedassault_003.jpgBohemia Interactive Studio à bien compris que le meilleur moyen pour tester ses patchs était de les sortir en version bêta afin que ce soit les joueurs qui s'en chargent. Solution de facilité s'il en est qui permet néanmoins aux joueurs de voir leurs attentes satisfaites par la correction de nombreux bugs, en attendant une sortie plus officielle. Le nouveau patch pour ArmA, estampillé 1.05.5143, s'inscrit dans cette longue tradition. Les fanatiques du jeu solo seront ravis d'apprendre que ce patch corrige énormément de problèmes liés à l'Intelligence Artificielle.
Ce ne sont pas moins de 83 bugs qui sont fixés avec cette nouvelle mise à jour qui pèse un peu plus de 48 Mo et peut se télécharger sur l'un des miroirs suivants: Le changelog complet (anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle

************** ArmA: Armed Assault BETA Patch 1.05.5143 README ****************



© 2007 Bohemia Interactive Studio. All rights reserved.

This application will update your ArmA: Armed Assault with engine beta version 1.05.5143




Run the exe to apply the setup automatically.

It will install all beta content to a mod folder "BETA" and STARTBETAPATCH.BAT to your ArmA directory (default is C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA

There's no uninstall option. To remove the beta you need to manually delete the "BETA" directory and STARTBETAPATCH.BAT from your main game directory.


You still can run your existing ArmA 1.05 normally by the existing shortcuts and as far as we know, the beta shouldn't interfere with your game so even after you installed the beta you should be able to install this beta patch normally.

To run beta 5143, you need to start STARTBETAPATCH.BAT in your ArmA game dirctory (defaul C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA).


This beta contains only engine update. It doesn't contain any data releated changes (like missions fixes), which may lead into strange results in gameplay as missions don't reflect any changes made in the engine.

iT should be compatible with existing last official release 1.05 in multiplayer, however using it may also lead to some unexpected results.


5136 - New: -world=empty command line option for faster game loading (no island and no menu animation loaded)

5136 - Fixed: MP - command #exec allowed only for logged (not voted) admin
5136 - Fixed: UI - Tooltips are kept is screen safe area, not in the UI area

5136 - Fixed: MP - dynamically created helicopters handle "FLY" flag correctly now

5136 - Fixed: Peripheral vision are kept is screen safe area, not in the UI area

5137 - Fixed: Increased thrust when hovering stable in VTOL mode.

5137 - New: Player can use Eject to disembark the vehicle while leaving engine on.

5137 - Fixed: AI Strykers were not firing when player was not using iron sights / optics.

5137 - Fixed: Haze was too strong with large viewdistance.

5137 - Fixed: Reduced shadowing caused by the terrain.

5137 - Fixed: setTerrainGrid was not reset when a new mission was started.

5137 - Fixed: Dedicated server - after #reassign two players could control a single avatar

5137 - Fixed: In-game UI: RMB now sends target also to the units selected in the menu (when SPACE is holding)

5137 - Fixed: AI - Cars now can plan path through bushes (but tries to avoid them in Stealth mode)
5137 - Fixed: AI getting into player driven ship or helicopter was sometimes going to wrong position

5137 - Fixed: AI Ships now can reach shallow water (but very carefully)
5137 - Fixed: Ships - searching a place where to go for get in / get out improved
5137 - Fixed: MP - Type of remote objects was not sometimes recognized correctly (for example in function nearestObjects)

5137 - Fixed: head movement not visible on players in vehicle

5137 - Fixed: Freelook still forced when changing from cargo to secondary turret

5137 - Fixed: AI sometimes did not take off NVG after skipTime was used.

5137 - Changed: Less strict color coding for ping values.

5137 - Fixed: Explosions no longer cause any objects flying high.

5137 - Fixed: Some vehicles were not damaged when satchel charges exploded near them on the bridge.
5137 - Fixed: Man state was not updated frequently enough on some conditions (for instance two players in the same vehicle)

5137 - Fixed: Different selection of points where to get in / get out the ship

5138 - Fixed: Gear action, when inside vehicle, gear action use this vehicle as an items container

5138 - Fixed: Measures implemented to avoid textures being placed in AGP,
which often caused degraded performance after prolonged playing.

5138 - Optimized: Grass depth of field is now performed only with Postprocess set to Very high.

5138 - Fixed: Muzzle flash texture is preloaded now

5138 - Fixed: Wounded player is stuck in the water.

5138 - Fixed: Getting into vehicles - both player and AI now handle correctly exact cargo position

5138 - Fixed: Fixed performance issue when using Postprocess Effect High (related to grass blurring)

5138 - Fixed: Ships - faster movement in shallow water

5138 - Fixed: Separate get in point can be defined for each cargo position

5139 - Fixed: function "selectWeapon" now switches character pose when launcher is selected

5139 - Fixed: function setMousePosition is working correctly again (broken when HW cursors was introduced)

5139 - Fixed: Releasing Alt in a vehicle should center view vertically

5139 - Fixed: Zoom out and initial zoom settings for infantry 3D optics and 1st person view
5139 - Fixed: Vehicles did not rearm when no ammo was remaining

5139 - Fixed: Mission editor - objects which cannot float are placed underwater now

5139 - Fixed: All input ignored after MP session left while chat window still open.

5139 - Fixed: UI - selector active row highlighting was clipped to controls group

5139 - Fixed: UI - wrong focus switching from expanded combo box (through click on the other control)

5139 - Fixed: Improved AI path following when moving slow.

5139 - Fixed: Improved AI car path planning in combat mode near roads.

5140 - Fixed: Multiple dedicated servers on a single PC - wrong port was shown in the title and reported to GameSpy

5140 - Fixed: Exhaust particle original position and speed improved

5140 - Fixed: VoN issues with server behind firewall fixed

5140 - Fixed: AI - heavy wheeled vehicles now can drive through bushes

5140 - Fixed: AI cars avoided water even when canFloat = true was given in the config
5140 - Added: function createMissionDisplay
- Added: function joinSilent

5140 - Fixed: Vehicle commanding - after player switched to driver and then to commander, driver did not follow orders sometimes

5140 - Fixed: External camera of the soldier was placed inside objects sometimes

5142 - Fixed: Tracks were drawn under the bridge

5142 - Fixed: Salute and SitDown should work as toggle actions (also their radio protocol sentence fixed)

5142 - Fixed: MP - handling / reporting the current and maximum number of players was wrong sometimes

5142 - Fixed: UI - Gear dialog - weapon overview improved

5142 - Fixed: functions commandGetOut, doGetOut - units returns to formation when finished

5142 - Improved: Moving of external camera of the soldier is much smoother now
@param cam in/out camera position relative to camBase
@param focusPos focus point relative to camBase

5142 - Fixed: AI - path planning improved (more smooth transition between plans)

5142 - Fixed: Improved helicopters enaging targets.

5142 - New: Helicopter animation controllers cyclicForward and cyclicAside added.

5142 - New: User action ZoomOutToggle. Mapped to 2xNumpadMinus as default.

5142 - Fixed: Config entry predictSpeedCoef no longer needed - speed prediction now based on looped/nonlooped.
This should help AI predicting solider movement in transitions like when seeing someone going prone.

5142 - Fixed: Improved target scanning for fast moving units.

5142 - Fixed: In-game UI - vehicle position icons in the status bar and commanding menu

5142 - Fixed: Map info (commands, friendly and enemy units) is now saving into game save

5142 - Fixed: On "Cannot create system memory surface: 8007000e" error, some memory is flushed which may help the game continuing.

5142 - Fixed: scripting function "magazines" ignore empty (virtual) magazines

5142 - Fixed: Buldozer crash - non-streaming landscapes not supported.

5142 - Fixed: Reduced virtual address space usage on computers with 1 GB or more of RAM.

5142 - Fixed: Eye adaption was reset when getting in/out of the vehicle (most visible with NVG)

5142 - Fixed: AI boat movement precision and path finding improved.

5142 - Fixed: AI vehicle braking now smoother.

5143 - Fixed: Slighty improved AI pathfinding in a non-uniform environment.

5143 - Fixed: Tides are now considered for AI path finding.

5143 - Fixed: Possible server crash during NAT negotiation

5143 - Fixed: Assigning roles display - clipping of enable / disable AI icon in list of roles

5143 - Fixed: Better movement of convoys on roads

5143 - Fixed: NV goggles eye accomodation was reset, when returning to a paused game

5143 - Fixed: Gear screen in briefing - magazines was multiplied sometimes

5143 - Fixed: Clipping of some briefings on the right edge

5143 - Fixed: Distant grass layer follows roads more closely.

5143 - New: New config value soundBurst to allow playing sound for each bullet in a burst
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