theship_0021.jpgLes développeurs de The Ship tentent toujours de rendre leur jeu moins moisi à grand renfort de patchs. Le dernier en date corrige une longue tripotée de bugs qui auraient du être corrigés il y à déjà de longs mois. On pense par exemple aux bots qui deviennent plus réactifs, notamment quand les portes s'ouvrent et se ferment.

Mais concrètement, ce n'est pas des patchs qu'il faudrait au jeu pour le rendre plus attractifs (sa communauté en ligne compte une dizaine de personnes) mais clairement une refonte totale du gameplay.

Le changelog complet (anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
* Fixed players getting stuck when they are too close to NPCs when they respawn
* Piranhas no longer produce blood effect before actually arriving
* Fixed bug with players leaving while in court not being put in jail when rejoining game
* Fixed color of Eye-Of-Doom on HUD after switching to full-screen or switching resolution
* Fixed color of mission text in Single-Player game after switching to full-screen or switching resolution
* Fixed mission text changing language in Single-Player game after switching to full-screen or switching resolution
* Stopped players being arrested while in a trespass zone when a game finishes
* Stopped suicide message appearing twice on HUD
* Added response from a crew member when you interact with a bar
* Added suicide death sounds when a player dies from needs
* Stopped 2 players being able to use the same single bed in jail
* Fixed bug with Bots not moving and attending to needs when in jail
* Fixed sounds for lift doors opening and closing
* Fixed problem with footstep sounds not playing in Arcade Mode
* Fixed footstep sounds not playing for Bots while walking
* Stopped unlock door sounds playing for some doors every time they are opened
* Vending Machine hum and clock tick sounds are now quieter
* Fixed sound for changing clothes to make it non-positional
* Fixed bug where the VIP on the HUD wasn't wearing the crown
* Item no longer left on ground when picking it up with only one slot left in your Inventory
* Stopped the frozen visual effect when re-spawning after a VIP is killed in a freezer trap in the previous round
* Container panel no longer gets left up when you are released from jail
* Container close sound now plays straight away instead of after respawn in team modes
* Court summary panel no longer gets left on screen if you are arrested at the end of a round
* Bots now react to the sound of their Quarry using weapons
* Bots now react to the sound of a door being opened or closed
* Added support for taking jpeg screenshots when Inventory, Container, Shop, CSI Menu and Splash panels are on-screen
* Players can now only change teams when there is no game in progress, otherwise you change team at the end of a round
* Fixed sounds for bludgeon weapons hitting objects
* Stopped sauna steam sound playing after being killed in sauna and respawning
* Fixed some picture models that were rotated incorrectly
* Players can no longer sprint while sprinting past the 'red' zone in the Fatigue need pie
* Fixed display and behavior of Fatigue need when using a 'sit' interaction while sprinting
* Fixed Team Elimination count of Quarries remaining
* Added 'ship_restartgame' convar for server admins
* Fixed Team Elimination fire and poison deaths counting as valid kills with two teams
* No new quarry message when a player disconnects in Deathmatch
* Fixed VIPs not being killed by Piranhas in Raifucu Maru map
* Added message to show a new round will begin when frozen before a new round starts in team modes
* Convars ship_round_countdown, ship_round_end_countdown and ship_witness_time_limit are now correct after being changed from their default values when running a server
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