17 novembre 2006, 20h36 Icone The Ship

The Ship patché

Outerlight vient de publier un patch pour The Ship qui ajoute pas mal de choses au jeu et corrige aussi un tout un tas de bugs. Comme d'habitude, le patch sera effectif la prochaine fois que vous redémarrerez Steam.
Ce patch ajoute les voix françaises et allemandes dans leurs versions respectives, il ajoute aussi nombre d'effets visuels et de possibilités du gameplay (prendre les habits et objets des morts, prendre l'arme de votre victime légitime...).

New Features

* Added system to allow players to opt in and out of a game using a button on the scoreboard
* Added join as passenger or killer option on joining
* When players sit down they now stay sitting for a while and can look around until they cancel sitting or they have been sitting for a long time
* Added new player models, outfits and hats
* Added Round Summary - (up to) 5 kills are shown at the end of a round, during the countdown to the next one
* Added feather impact visual effect on furnishings
* Ragdolls are now containers - players can pick up clothes and items from the the corpses
* Players killed legitimately now drop the weapon they were holding, as well as their wallet
* Added visual effets for freezers, saunas, baths on all maps, as well as the paddle on Atalanta
* Added sleeping syringe and short sword as weapons
* Added muzzle flash visual effect for guns
* Added bathing animation
* Added support for Polish and Japanese localised text
* Added French and German voice-over sounds for characters in Single-Player

Game Balance & Gameplay Changes

* Changed the fine for possession of a deadly weapon to $500. Weapon fines increased for more serious weapons
* Players now get arrested when they damage crew shipmates
* Stopped players interacting with objects while another player is interacting with it


* Fixed the last purse/wallet bomb in the map not awarding any MFK
* Stopped bots using locked doors
* Fixed bug where players with surname "Hunter" were given it as "hunter"
* Fixed server config bug where some setting were not being set correctly the first time a map was run in dedicated servers
* Elevator indicators fixed
* Fixed bug with players falling through map
* Improved player identification response time
* Fixed deathmatch rules bug where it determined that victory conditions were always met when there was only 1 player left in the server
* Reduced vomit, pee and poo effects
* Fixed bug with winner grapic not appearing sometimes and not getting everyone's identity when a round ends
* Mouse wheel defaults to changing between decks on the deckplan
* Fixed bug with players not being put back into jail when they disconnect and reconnect
* Fixed problem with server browser thinking a user was banned when they were not
* Stopped players being able to start interacting with something and then use it from a large distance away
* All deckplan images reworked
* Fixed layout of some graphics to allow more room for some languages
* Improved various parts of single player and Mr. X intro maps
* Improved character portraits on HUD
* Fixed quarry jail/sickbay indicator getting out of sync in Elimination mode
* Stoped inventory panels from closing for no reason
* Fixed bug with players continuing to play an animation instead of walking
* Fixed outfits returned to player after arrest in Single-Player game
* Improved depression effect in 3rd person
* Increased explosion for purse/ wallet bomb
* Fixed flaregun MFK award when player killed from flare hitting before fire starts


* Added damping for some sounds between decks
* Balanced gun sounds
* Improved explosion sound
* Polished all map soundscapes
* Added bath sounds
* Improved container sounds
* Added metal pedal bin container sound
* Added camera alert / watching sound
* Added death by suicide voice over
* Added HUD sounds: red zone on and off, need appear, timer, table popup (MFK and score)
* Improved User Interface sounds
* Added trap start and alarm sounds
* Added sauna trap steam sound
* Added death by sauna sound
* Added piston sparks sound
* Added Engineer hammering sound
* Raised sound levels for all player voice over
* Cotopaxi bar music a little quieter
* Removed shocked sound that was played when players witnessed others in the wrong toilets
* Reduced vomit, pee and poo sounds
* New Elevator music
* Improved levels of various sounds
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