18 juillet 2006, 09h40 Icone The Ship

The Ship déjà patché

Alors que le jeu n'est sorti que la semaine dernière, Outerlihght vient déjà de patcher le jeu. Ce dernier est de bonne augure puisqu'il réhausse la difficulté du jeu.
Le patch sera effectif, comme d'habitude, la prochaine fois que vous allumerez Steam.

Le changelog complet (anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle

* Fixed a number of server stability issues
* Weapon fines and sentences balanced
* Default witness count set to 2
* Default witness time set to 1 second
* Scoreboard is no longer showable whilst in court, and no longer gets stuck up when leaving court
* Hunters who have already killed their quarry no longer get a "Quarry Reassigned" message when their old quarry leaves the game
* Fixed breaking-down doors
* Fixed occasional map-wide jumping problem (jump going in random direction)
* Fixed context sensitive interface (CSI) positioning issues in all aspect ratios
* Fixed containers getting stuck open when the player using them is killed
* Fixed container/shop/CSI panels that were left shown to a player when that player dies
* Fixed attachments not being removed from the player model when they are dropped from the inventory
* Fixed water dripping from hands on other players
* Correct water effect for different sized sinks
* Correct sounds added to the metal pressure doors
* Pee sounds tweaked
* Increased the cost of bribing guards to ignore security breaches
* Increased the cost of healing at sickbay
* Balanced ambient soundscapes in various maps
* Players can now click-through the court screen to start serving their sentence immediately
* Players can now chat with others while in court
* Players who now set others on fire when they are burning get accredited for the kill correctly
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