Le site officiel de Battlefield 2 vient d'être mis à jour pour expliquer les solutions que cherchent DICE et EA au niveau des problèmes de la dernière mise à jour qui semble causer quelques soucis.

Voici les dires :
« After a thorough investigation into the issues plaguing the server browser after the 1.3 Update, we believe that a last minute update in the way the Battlefield servers and Gamespy servers communicate may be the cause.

We have decided to revert this change in an attempt eliminate these browser issues. Please note that no uninstalling or re-installing is required by players or server admins. All servers currently running must be restarted once this change has taken place.

Please also note that if you are experiencing CTD issues upon start up that any alternate-ranking redirections in your windows "Hosts" file must be removed.

The reversion will occur at 2:00 PST. We are continuing to review other issues players have noted with 1.3. Further updates will be posted to this space as they become available. »
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