Ça y est, le communiqué de presse est tombé et on ne vous parlera plus jamais, je l'espère, de Starship Troopers le jeu. La démo, que tout le monde -même moi-, a essayé pour constater que 5 minutes passées dessus étaient suffisantes pour ne plus vouloir y jouer y est sans doute pour quelque chose, mais lisez plutôt le communiqué, c'est à se tordre de rire. Le prix annoncé est 40 $ US. Merci à Bluesnews pour le communiqué.

MINNEAPOLIS and SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 11, 2005 – Destineer Publishing Corp. and Empire Interactive today announced a co-publishing partnership that will bring the highly-anticipated Starship Troopers™ game for PC to North America through a license agreement with Sony Pictures Consumer Products.

“Starship Troopers is a must-have for sci-fi and first person shooter fans alike,” said Ian Higgins, CEO, Empire Interactive. “We couldn’t be happier to be working with Destineer to bring Starship Troopers to North America in time for the holidays.”

Based on the blockbuster movie, Starship Troopers will give players the chance to lead an assault against millions of intelligent bugs this November. As an elite member of the mobile infantry, players will take part in epic battles never before seen in a first-person adventure game.

Actor Casper Van Dien, who played lead character Johnny Rico in the 1997 feature film, will lend his voice talents to the project along with award-wining composer Richard Jacques who composed more than an hour of cinematic score to the game.

“Finally, we can bring fans the game they’ve always wanted,” said Paul Rinde, CEO, Destineer. “We have now reached a level in PC hardware where it’s possible to annihilate several hundred bugs at once. This product will give sci-fi and gaming fans the chance to experience the battlefield chaos from the movie.”

The SWARM engine, which is capable of bringing more than 300 enemies to the screen at once, was specifically created for Starship Troopers by the game’s developer Strangelite. More than 19 different bugs, from the numerous Warrior bugs to the hulking Tanker bugs, will coordinate on alien battlefields overwhelming players in 12 single-player missions. Online gaming options include Deathmatch and Cooperative play modes.

Set for release November 15th, Starship Troopers is rated M for mature and has an MSRP of $39.99

Come on you apes! Do you want to live forever?
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(#1) 12 novembre 2005 à 13h15
il parait qu'il est carrement nul ce jeu...

vous en pensez quoi ici??
Let the bass boom !!!
Lovely day for a Guinness!!!

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(#2) 12 novembre 2005 à 14h43
Comme le dit Zork, c'est une merde.

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No comment !

(#3) 14 novembre 2005 à 14h43
Et j'appuie Zork a 110%
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