Un nouveau mutators : Game Logger 3.8 RC1 vient d'être réalisé par Michael "_Lynx" Sokolkov. Ce programme offre de nouveaux dispositifs sur le système de stats de Unreal Tournament 2004. Ce mutators vous donnera en plus les dommages infligés, les objets que vous possédez et d'autres paramètres plus utiles les uns que les autres

« Game Logger's purpose is to log all the game events such as kills, players scoring, team scoring, items being picked up, players' talks, sprees & multikills. It also writes down most rules of the game - time limit, server type, map, gametype specific settings, such as time to score for Double Domination. In the end of the match it recreates and logs end game score table. In brief, GL is like an IRC-reporter, but it writes the HTML log instead of transmitting to the IRC-channel. The size of one log shouldn't be more than 500kb, and it downloads faster, because of text compression, that is very useful for the dial-up users. They can understand what was happening in the game without downloading the demo. And I might add they don't need to download extra files used on server. This mutator is designed mostly for the LAN events, where not always could exist the possibility to upload demos or set up UTV. »

Pour vous le procurez, c'est ici
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