Une fois n'est pas coutume, c'est un mod pour Stalker qui se dévoile.
Nommé "Stalker Theft Auto", il fait obligatoirement penser à GTA (Grand Theft Auto).
Is a remake of the Grand Theft Auto series, based off the X-ray engine, and the great game "STALKER Shadow of chernobyl".

The basic concept has been in my mind for many years before releasing the first 3d gta.The game i do love GTA has always been alot of fun. but for me and i'm sure many other people from around the world who have played GTA, have not always enjoyed the experience being only in 3rd person view.

Since X-ray engine is soo powerful, and is able to handle soo much within it's levels. That i plan remodeling either Vice City or Liberty city, or possibly San Andreas.

Having the role elements from STALKER that carry realsim that GTA never did, such as gas for cars, the need to eat and sleep, money & trade fluently with dealers, wether it may be for drugs, weapons, ammo, or other essentials.

Adding little elements in a game such as GTA, with physics,ragdolls, possible gore, and ability to enter more buildings, will add the old gameplay experience that much more to be more of a worth while. not to mention those who played MTA.."Multi-Theft-Auto" certiantly liked it, but always was there major bugs, glitches, anything in almost every way that F"$#ked up the experience that much more.

With STALKER Theft Auto i plan to take this game to the next level upon showing the gaming community how much STALKER's x-ray engine capabilties are able to handle to that of the rival engine Source.

note somethings here.. weapons are at a total of 70 right now. 36 have been made, and some pre-made.
there will be licensed cars, landmark stores, buildings, shops etc...
Que des bonnes choses en préparation, si le mod aboutit, car pour l'instant il n'y a qu'une seule personne pour faire tout ca.
Pour l'instant, ce mod n'est qu'au stade de projet, mais on peut déjà consulter tout un ensemble de screenshots, notamment d'armes présentes.

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(#1) 19 novembre 2004 à 14h18
Effectivement,cà a l'air plutôt original.

Comme dit dans la news, si le mod aboutit, ca pourrait être très sympa à jouer. (comme un Gta à la première personne.^^)

Bonne journée à tous.
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