La version 1.23 du mod GODZ d'Unreal Tournament est maintenant disponible sur cette page. Voici la liste des modifications :
-Falling Damage has been turned off
-New character advancement system
-New Fighter: Overguard
-Players above stage 2 can cause a bolt to reflect when they hit it
-New Rift character
-Easier to bat away incoming projectiles
-Lowered cost of seraph's halo
-Seraph's Halo has been improved!
-Seraph's halo returns full Qi if owner catches it.
-When Toshiro's Tether Strikes a God, the victim can be tethered (like a
- Raised Cost of Toshiro's Tether Beam
- When gods are soaring, they can fly through tight places
- When the player holds the burst key while firing a beam, the beam grows
- New special effects
- When a god's shield is hit by an HBomb/Qi Ball, they are carried with
- the bolt
- Improved Bot AI
- Changed Saurian's Frostbite into a Seeking attack
- More Qi is accumulated during recharging
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