La version 1.1 de Monkeystrike, un mod d'Half-Life est disponible.
- fixed crash on CTB maps.
- fixed issues with golden banana staying 'attached' to dead or
disconnected players on CTB maps.
- screen shaking on player connect and improve network performance when
first connecting.
- reducted strawberry machinegun damage by 25%.
- fixed nasty random crashes
- the way the scoring for fs maps was being done was overwriting memory inside the Halflife engine,
strawberry team's score was always random as a result.
- removed buggy easter eggs (team and beta testers only).
- fixed a weird crash where skunks tossed by disconnected players would
cause server crashes (thanks to bigbird, thing`e` and others for helping me find that one).
- new version of ctb_circus
- added missing moon-ms.wad
- new chimpanzee model
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