Une nouvelle mise à jour pour New World Order vient de voir le jour. Il s'agit de la version 1.42.
Fixes in NWO v1.42
Improved smoothness, especially on nVidia hardware
Improved networking, down to 50% sustained bandwidth usage and better synching
Added tracer rounds for all submachine guns, rifles for all players
Improved Desert Eagle animation to remove glitch
Improved singleplayer / coop AI
Fixed occasional glitch with misplaced weapons when spectating
Added new scoreboard with better layout
Added deathmessages with icons for weapon used and for headshot
Improved minimize application behaviour, restore to fastest screen refresh mode
Added proportional text output, rendering
Added bullet-display, showing the bullets you have left in your current clip
Scoreboard marks yourself, and the player that killed you
Added display of number of grenades and flashbangs next to select-field
Improved shadow rendering code
Improved audio volume handling in the game, going to menu and back
Improved singleplayer loading of maps on nVidia hardware, stability
Improved weapon rendering, no sticking through walls
Grenades / flashbangs not removed from game until new round starts
Improved weapon physics when dropping weapon
Added 'cap fps to monitor refresh' to video settings - caps max fps to monitor refresh
Added 'override driver management' to video settings - overrides problematic 3D-card drivers
Made it so that dead players are not displayed as standing up on first round spectating
Changed order of weapon cycling so glock and usp come before desert eagle and higher ranking weapons
Added 'damage multiplier' setting to start server screen and the SAT
Added code to allow servers to make sure they're always connected to master-server
Added flashing servers if have players in server listing
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