La version 1.2 de Battle Grounds est disponible. il s'agit d'un mod pour Half-life. La liste des changements est disponible ici ou plus loin.
Here is the complete Changlog from 1.1 to 1.2
Added bg_newengland map
Added bg_bunkerhill map
Added bg_forestroad map
Added func_capturepoint to control capturing points - it now supports multi-player captures and triggering unlike its predecessors
Added env_flag to allow model changes on a team becoming involved with a certain capture point
Added func_ammostriper and func_ammoprovider to allow mappers to add and remove a player's ammo
Added info_reset to allow mappers to reset entities at the end of a round
Added team settings into all triggers, to only allow that trigger to go off for one team or all teams
Added dynamically blurring crosshairs (with class and health influence)
Added CVAR to prevent the use of team 3 - the spectators in the game
Added CVARs to limit classes
Added CVARs to turn off the displaying of certain messages (hit location, player-joining team, capture point notices, etc)
Added water HUD
Added display of amount of time needed to capture a point in the HUD
Added display of number of players needed to capture a point in the HUD
Added a CVAR to control the bonus a team receives for winning a round
Added snorkie_1.wad, snorkie_2.wad, predator.wad, blackpanther.wad and logic.wad
Added bayonet to the Charleville
Added remodelled and reskinned knife model
Added many more map models to allow mappers to place more detail in their maps - list at the bottom
Added more ambient sounds to help mappers create a more immersive environment - list at the bottom
Added some more effect sprites - list at the bottom
Added stamina loss when crouching
Added HL menu sounds
Added command menu with request and report messages for most maps
Rebuilt bg_battlefield to fix multiple bugs and make it look a lot better
Rebuilt round rules to reduce bugs, CPU usage and improve code cleanliness
Rebuilt capture point entity to reduce bugs, CPU usage, improve code cleanliness and to make it easier to add new features now and in the future to the capture point
Rebuilt team selection menu so that it is more appropriate for BG's atmosphere
Rebuilt class selection menu so that it is more appropriate for BG's atmosphere
Rebuilt loader display so that it is more appropriate for BG's atmosphere
Rebuilt melee system to fix multiple bugs
Replaced player swim sounds
Replaced cave ambience sounds
Replaced freedom cry with the one created by the winner of the shout for freedom contest
Fixed no-clip exploits
Fixed clip boxes being inaccurate when crouching
Fixed team and class to respawn as not displaying on scoreboard until you have spawned
Fixed time left on a map not resetting on a full restart (sv_restartround) - this will enable clan matches to run their full length after restarting
Fixed players spawning inside each other even if there are enough spawn points
Fixed multiple bugs on bg_valley
Fixed multiple bugs on bg_ruin
Fixed multiple bugs on bg_snowlake
Fixed no players restarting if a player goes spectator for too long
Fixed melee weapons doing damage through walls
Fixed capture points HUD showing a colour even if the point it represents is free
Fixed shots showing to the player as they are dropped down the barrel
Fixed multiple animation glitches
Fixed player holding gun with one hand after respawning in the middle of animating a fire sequence
Fixed loader not working with DoD retail
Fixed wall-strafing - walking right up into the wall gives you a speed boost
Fixed bayonet and melee lengths
Fixed reload animation sometimes not playing
Fixed some animations not playing when in first person spectator
Fixed supposedly random fire effects playing near you
Fixed splash screen showing the wrong BG version
Fixed being able to kill yourself if you are a spectator or are already dead
Fixed HUD sometimes showing behind team and class menu when you join
Fixed crash if a demo was played without first loading up a map
Fixed looping footprint sounds on some textures
Fixed texture larger than expected errors
Fixed being thrown to spawn on death
Fixed the majority of corpses in upright positions
Fixed capture points losing there captured status on their own
Fixed blood and hit message appearing on team mates if friendly fire is off
Fixed textures for all v_ models
Fixed music not playing in the loader
Fixed fog not showing while coming out of the water
Fixed fog displaying on maps even if they don't have a env_fog entity
Modified player skins to show more colour and light
Modified scoreboard to show damage and capture points instead of just points, which was the combined total of frags and capture points
Modified weapon accuracies so that all weapons including the Brown Bess and Charleville are playable weapons
Modified weapon damages to help balance play
Modified kill images to provide more detail
Modified weapon selection images to provide more detail
Modified several game_ entities to be more compatible with BG
Modified class description texts so that they are accurate
Modified map-naming scheme. As all maps now use func_capturepoint, the old names were wrong, so we have moved to a general scheme of bg_ maps
Modified text messages so that instead of sending the string over the net, only the required details were sent. This means that the message is constructed client side and can be altered by a client
Modified pistol and Charleville fire sounds
Modified all p_ models to use transparent textures around the flintlock
Modified all p_ models to use a lot less polygons
Modified player sabre swing and bayonet stab animations
Modified capture point display and death messages in spectator mode and dead mode
Split wads info smaller wads that are more compact
Improved Internationalization support
Moved round time into the HUD base
Moved ammo count into the HUD base
Removed ctb_shipload
Removed materials1.wad
Removed SoHL to improve stability
Removed advanced settings section in the loader
Added Map Models:
Added fire bush models
Added ten or more tree models
Added grass models
Added wooden fence model
Added two cannon models
Added log model
Added three stone models
Added three flag models to represent who is engaged in the capture point
Added carriage model
Added ammo-box model
Added tree stump model
Added mushroom model
Added British ship model
Added Ambient Sounds:
Added forest sounds
Added shore ambience sounds
Added hill ambience sounds
Added cannon fire and impact sounds
Added bell sound
Added Effect Sprites:
Added black-smoke sprite
Added cannon fire sprites
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