27 mai 2003, 19h51 Icone Chrome

Vidéo sur Chrome

Une vidéo sur Chrome vient de voir le jour. Elle est disponible sur ces liens :

De plus, deux article sur ce même jeu sont disponibles chez GameSpy.com et Games Domain.
Over the course of the game, you'll visit a number of planets and moons in the Valkyria system, all boasting very different environments for you to explore and fight through. You'll trudge through the sandy wastes of the desert planet Terbon, shiver on the frigid surface of IceGuard, and enjoy the much more hospitable -- even picturesque -- moon Loomia and the terraformed planet Herbus. Whatever world you're visiting, you should encounter levels that blend detailed indoor areas with expansive outdoor environments filled with meandering rivers, towering mountains or grassy plains.
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