Le site internet de Sven Co-op Half-Life vient de mettre en ligne une mise à jour concernant Sven Co-op.
This week's content is an update to SvenCo-op 2.1's support of Valve's original single-player maps. The patch allows you to play through the game co-operatively, from the end of the introduction (train ride) to the final battle, with only a few minor sections skipped. Many maps have been updated to better suit multiple players... more monsters have been added, as well as new types of monsters. Some maps have been altered to reduce lag.
Grab the update from the Files page (4.6mb). Clients will want to run a Client Install so necessary files don't need to be downloaded straight from servers (i.e. if you don't want to run a server or play off-line, but you do want to play the SP maps on other people's servers, download the update and select Client Install during installation).
Vous trouverez une liste de miroirs sur cette page.
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