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(#0) 28 novembre 2002 à 16h57
- Fixed Adminmod compatibility problems. It should work great now under all configurations. <br />
- Aliens now lose health when they no longer have any active or growing hives (damages every 2 seconds, all players hear countdown, ignores armor). This is done to speed up the end game and prevent llamas from hiding in vents to prolong game. <br />
- Fixed readyroom bug/exploit while spectating (hitting F4 while REIN made you an invulnerable "ghost" player that could confuse others). <br />
- Changed team join to not allow teams to have more then 1 player difference. Affects casual model only. <br />
- Fixed armor bug where carapace protected aliens even after all armor was gone <br />
- Fixed explosion bug where siege cannons, bilebombs, grenades and xenocide weren't doing damage properly (this broke in v1.02). <br />
- Added support for model and sound consistency checking. If you run your server with mp_consistency 1, it will require that all NS models and sounds are unchanged from the distribution. This allows servers to disable custom models or sounds, and exploits that can result from them. This is currently disabled by default. If you have problems connecting to a server with an error like "server is enforcing file consistency on file X", then delete your custom models or try connecting to a different server. <br />
- Fixed infinite cloaking bug (occured when last sensory chamber lost while player was cloaked). <br />
- Addressed alien leave/join resource exploit (joining a team you've already been on makes the player wait to respawn, as if he had been killed). <br />
- Addressed early team-switch exploit to find hive (you can no longer switch teams after playing or observing, so choose carefully). <br />
- Fixed various problems when building turrets, mines, offensive chambers, etc. then team-switching. <br />
- Moved mp_drawinvisibleentities to debug builds only. <br />
- Added mp_version variable for better filtering with All-Seeing Eye and other third-party programs and scripts. <br />
- Fixed Onos charging crash bug <br />
- Reduced knife range from 50 to 35 (not balance, this was a bug). <br />
- Changed siege cost from 15 to 25 (this was a typo, not meant to be a balance change). <br />
- Fixed melee weapon problems in vents. <br />
- Fixed lastinv command. Players can now bind a key to this (even though their menu will still say it's not implemented). <br />
- Fixed bug where players did friendly fire damage to some world objects (ie, doing 33% instead of 100% to doors and switches). <br />
- Fixed turret factory abuse, where turrets became active after recycling the nearby turret factory before turret was fully contructed. <br />
- Fixed bug where siege turrets became re-activated after building a regular turret factory nearby. <br />
- Default mp_timelimit is now 60 (even for listen server). <br />
- Fixed bug where a vote could affect a commander that logged in after a vote had been started. <br />
- Fixed bug where gorges evolving upgrades (usually temporarily) lost resources above the hive maximum. It will still count down to 33, but will immediately count back up to your resource count (this is just a visual problem on the client). <br />
- Make sure current health and armor percentages are preserved when evolving. <br />
- If a team has 5 or more players then another team, the team automatically wins. This lessens long periods of lop-sided teams but still gives victory when a losing team starts leaving.

(#0) 28 novembre 2002 à 19h03
.zip la key ???

(#0) 28 novembre 2002 à 20h41
C'est ainsi qu'elle est présentée sur le site officiel...
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