13 octobre 2014, 18h58 Icone Wrack

Petit patch pour Wrack

En l'espace de quelques jours Wrack, le FPS old-school en cell-shading a reçu deux mises à jour, faisant ainsi passer le jeu en version 1.1.0, puis en version 1.1.2. Le premier patch est plus conséquent, puisqu'il ajoute un nouveau HUD, de nouvelles musiques (celle du game over, ainsi que celle du niveau E1L6), de nouvelles textures, et corrige tout un tas de bugs.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Version 1.1.0
Added a new HUD! In addition to being completely redone, this also has graphics for the chain timer as well as the finisher gauge.
Added new music for the "Game Over" sequence.
Added new music for the E1L6 storyboard.
Colored in the previously uncolored storyboard panels.
Added E1L4's big secret (and increased the par time)! All levels now have their big secret. E1L1 won't have one due to it being an introductory level.
Added a couple of new textures on E1L1/E1FINALE.
Hooked up the achievement for the Hyperblade's finisher. They're all unlockable now!
Hooked up Oculus's gibs.
Cleaned up some transitions involving music fades and screen fades.
Added a texture for the bazooka's finisher.
Fixed a bug that prevented the finisher combo bonus from being awarded for the bazooka's finisher.
Added and tweaked some sounds for Galactron.
Tweaked Mechron's death sound so that it better syncs with his death animation.
Added some sounds for Oculus.
Railgunners now turn towards you while charging their weapon.
Giggordo now faces his target when turning towards it.
Improved the display of input options across the board (except on menus). They're much more consistent now, and make proper use of the Xbox button graphics.
Traditional quicksaving is now enabled on Medium difficulty.
Fixed an issue with fonts that caused some of the glyphs to render improperly.
Added graphics to the "Subscribed Mods" menu to indicate whether or not they're enabled.
Galactron's spike balls now return to their original location more quickly when knocked down.
Added more descriptive error messages when a texture fails to load.
Removed some unused graphics and reduced the resolution of others to reduce memory usage.
Fixed some bugs that caused the death camera to sometimes clip through the floor.
Added new up/down arrows to the menus.
Tweaked the colors on the title screen.
Version 1.1.2
The mouse can now be used to highlight the left/right menu item arrows in the menu. When clicked, the menu item increments/decrements based on which arrow is highlighted.
Fixed a bug that caused the summary total possible kills/treasures/secrets to be inaccurate after going to the secret level.
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