Wrack, le petit FPS old-school en cell-shading vendu bien trop cher alors qu'il est encore en accès anticipé vient de se voir patché sur Steam (où il coûte 14€). Au menu de cette nouvelle version intitulée « Fall Into Darkness », on trouve un niveau supplémentaire (qui est en fait un niveau caché dans le premier niveau), une arme permettant de faciliter les rocket-jumps ainsi qu'un boss (sans model ni animations pour le moment) et deux trois autres bricoles que vous trouverez détaillées dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Added a new level: E1L6'! This is the extra level for episode 1, and is accessed from E1L6 through a secret exit.
Added the Blast Guard! This is an artifact that makes rocket jumping much more viable. It is found on E1L6'!.
Added a prototype of Giggordo, the E1L6'! boss! No model or animation just yet, but the gameplay is there.
Added and reworked many of the E1L6 textures! They’re now much more crisp and colorful.
Added some new trooper melee sounds.
Made some texturing and lighting tweaks to E1L6.
Updated the title sequence, along with the title screen.
Added several new items to the gallery.
Added the new QuakeAttack() AI script command, which works similarly to RadiusAttack(), but only affects objects on the ground.
Added several new sentry-related AI script commands.
Fixed a bug that prevented the “Restart” command from working properly in Time Attack/Score Attack mode.
Fixed a bug that would result in certain face actions being activated upon restoring a quicksave.
Fixed some aspect ratio issues when displaying a few images that take up the whole screen.
Fixed a bug that prevented the map convert tool from converting multiple maps at once.

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