Nether, le MMOFPS post-apocalyptique de Phosphor Games qui est encore en phase de bêta test, vient de recevoir son deuxième patch. Plutôt conséquent, ce patch corrige de nombreux bugs, améliore la stabilité, ajoute de nombreuses informations graphiques (AmbientOcclusion, VSync, DynamicLights, DynamicShadows, Bloom).

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

· Removed bottom 3 character slots in order to greatly speed up player spawn times

· Added informational message and fix "spinning camera" while waiting to spawn

· Improved server stability, should no longer crash every few hours

· Fix some inventory bugs, global/player inventory should now be more reliable

· Fixed players sometimes having the wrong weapon pose

· Fixed junk items not appearing in your global inventory at times

· Add a delay upon logout - player must wait 5 seconds before exiting the game

· Removed some potential exploitable config settings like changing view mode and turning off fog

· Fixed some bugs and added some better error messages when attempting to run the game without the launcher

· Server name is now shown above the chat box

· Moved large message text from center screen to bottom of screen

· Added better error messages to launcher explaining login issues

· Fixed some login problems related to nonstandard characters in username/password

· Fixed some bugs with the chat window disappearing at inappropriate times

· Fix some sliding enemy animations

· Rebalanced level tables to make it slightly harder to reach max level

· Crawling/proning should no longer allow you to clip the camera through the ground

· Speed up charge attack for all weapons

· Added full/empty server filters in the server list

· Prevent the player from attempting to join full servers by greying out the play button

· Fixed black screen issues by reloading the server list if joining a server failed

· Added error messages when failing to join a server

· Added several additional graphics options to settings screen
- AmbientOcclusion, VSync, DynamicLights, DynamicShadows, Bloom

· Player position will now be appropriately saved upon logout

· If player cannot spawn upon logging back in they will automatically be respawned at a known spawnpoint

· Added some backend admin functionality to help identify cheaters

· Launcher will no longer improperly report full hard drive

· Launcher will now automatically run as administrator to prevent issues with downloading

· Various art fixes for z-fighting

· Various texture improvements

· Fixed some floating objects - fences/cars/etc

· Fixed a bunch of world collision issues
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