La bêta fermée de Tribes : Ascend bat son plein et les développeurs en profitent donc pour sortir des mises à jour. La dernière en date, estampillée 0.1.635.0, est plutôt imposante. En effet, toutes les armes à projectile ont été rééquilibrées pour augmenter la précision des joueurs avec ces dernières, Bella Omega a été ajoutée à la rotation des TDM, le mode spectator a été profondément amélioré et les développeurs ont fait un travail d'optimisation tant du côté client que du côté serveurs.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Tribes Closed Beta Version 0.1.635.0
Major Highlights

Bella Omega has been added to the Team Deathmatch rotation.
Variety of changes to fully automatic projectile weapons (see below).
Significant updates to Spectator support (see below).
Variety of different performance optimizations (both client and server). More are planned for future patches.

Balance Items

Several visual changes and general balance adjustments designed to help increase player accuracy with fully automatic projectile weapons. Damage adjustments also made to these weapons taking into account increased player hit rates. Affected weapons:
Infiltrator’s Rhino SMG
Infiltrator’s SN7
Technician’s TCN4 SMG
Ranger’s Assault Rifle
Doombringer’s Chaingun
Raider’s NJ4 SMG.

Spectator Changes

Added cinematic movement to bookmarked cameras.
Spectator camera tweens between view targets if it has clear line of sight, otherwise it snaps to the new view.
Spectating players can bind what they are viewing to keys (default, NumPad0 through NumPad9). While spectating, press Alt+NumPad to bind the current view target. Now when you press NumPad, the bound target will become your current view target. Note that you cannot bind while in free cam “ghost” mode; you must be actively focused on a target.
Spotted targets from other players will no longer show in Spectator mode.
Team announcers no longer play for spectating players.
Many team messages were formatted so that the messages no longer refer to “friendly” and “enemy” teams; they now refer to “Diamond Sword” and “Blood Eagle” when appropriate.
Added more information panels for vehicles, objectives, flags, free cam, and camera bookmarks.
Fixed an issue where some of the spectator HUD elements could remain if exiting spectator mode.
When in free cam “ghost” mode, a reticule now displays. Clicking left mouse (default) over a player or vehicle within the reticule will set them to the current view target.
Toggling the scoreboard in spectator mode will now hide the spectator information panels.
While viewing a target, an attempt to move in a direction (default, W,A,S,D,Q,E) will unlock the spectator from the target and enter free cam “ghost” mode
Added a new controls screen. Toggle it on and off with Z (default).

Additional Items

Tweaks to skiing physics based on playtesting feedback.
Username and password are now remembered when selecting the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox at login. In addition, the last played class and gametype are saved.
Fixed an issue where the Field of View (FOV) would not reset back to the correct value after leaving a vehicle.
Significant updates to Bella Omega CTF. (Additional updates should be expected in future patches. Please report collision issues or other problems).
Drydock Night map has had some visual and shader performance improvements.
Fixed an issue where committing suicide after taking damage in TDM was not properly deducting points.
Reticule adjustments for rapid-fire projectile weapons.
A number of changes to backend server systems..

Known Issues

Stats for Kill Distance and Distance Traveled are not showing the correct values..
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