Avant la Gamescom, nous vous parlions de l'ajout imminent du mode de jeu « Blitz » pour Tribes : Ascend. Ce mode de jeu est une variante du mode Capture The Flag : à chaque fois que votre équipe ramène un drapeau, la position de la base adversaire se est modifiée. Ce nouveau mode sera initialement disponible pour les maps Arx Novena, Katbatic et Drydock. Cette mise à jour ne se contente pas de ce mode de jeu puisqu'elle ajoute également de nouvelles armes pour le technicien et des packs de voix issues de Tribes 2.

La liste complète des changements, ainsi qu'une vidéo de présentation de ce patch sont disponibles dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Major Highlights

A new gametype, CTF Blitz, has been introduced. In Blitz, the enemy flag base moves location each time your team scores, changing routes and requiring varied tactics to win.CTF Blitz is initially played on Arx Novena, Katabatic and Drydock.
New Technician Weapons and Skin have been added:

New Primary: TC24
New Belt Item: Repair Kit
New Pack: EXR Turret
Specialist Skin

New CTF Maps have been added to the Quick Play Rotation:
Dangerous Crossing
Classic Tribes 2 voice packs are now available, using the original Tribes 2 voices:
5 male voice packs:
5 female voice packs:
3 BioDerm voice packs
Custom servers can now be configured/purchased in the N. America – Central region, with servers located in Dallas, TX. Note that this region is for Custom Servers only and does not apply to Quick Play matches.
Improved language support for German and French.

Weapon/Balance Items

Added 3 new items for Technician:
New Primary: The TC24 can fire four short-range explosive projectiles before having to relod.
New Belt Item: The Repair Kit will automatically repair any damaged structures or targets around it.
New Pack: The EXR Turret has a longer range than the Light Turret and fires a small explosive rocket. It deals less focused damage than the Light Turret, but makes up for it with flexibility.
Reduced reload time on Brutes Gladiator by 7%.
Increased damage on Pathfinder’s Light Twinfusor by 12%.
Increased damage on Soldier’s Twinfusor by 7%.
Increased damage on Juggernaut’s Heavy Twinfusor by 10%.
Increased projectile size on Sentinel’s Nova Blaster and Nova Blaster MX.
More than tripled the activation range of the Rage Perk.
Increased mass reduction on the Rage perk to 20%.

Additional Items

Animations in the main menu have been shortened, making for faster menu navigation.
Various cleanups and fixes to existing maps.
Fixed a bug where deployable sensors, such as the Sentinel’s Drop Jammer, could permanently affect players.
Fixed an issue where a mastered Safe Fall perk was resetting the health regen time even though the player took no falling damage.
Fixed an issue where deployables were not deploying properly on certain surfaces, such as the threshold between the ramp and interior of the Sunstar temple.
Fixed issues where overlay effects on the Mercenary Sentinel skin could cause a flashing side-effect.
Fixed an issue where shotguns would not properly perform a passive reload and therefore could cause odd behavior when the player shot subsequent rounds.
Fixed a bug in which the “Screen Crack” setting would not store properly server-side.
Fixed a bug in which featured news ticker items would show under the “Watch Now” menu.
A new settings option has been added to enable Alienware FX. For Alienware machines, colors will change on the hardware based on your health status. Be sure you have the latest Alienware drivers.
Non-Steam users may add the option “-steam” under “Optional game command line parameters” in order to access Steam-related features, such as use of the Steam wallet (note: You must be logged into Steam prior to launching the game for this feature to work).
Fixed a bug with health multipliers on custom servers.
Implemented several cleanups and fixes to the clan tag functionality.
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