La bêta fermée de Tribes : Ascend bat son plein et les développeurs en profitent donc pou sortir des mises à jour. La dernière en date, estampillée 0.1.619.0, vient rééquilibrer les armes. En effet, toutes les armes de type hitscan utilisent maintenant des projectiles (les armes impactées sont le Ranger’s Assault Rifle, le Technician’s TCN4, et l'Infiltrator’s Rhino SMG). La force des projectiles dépendra aussi maintenant de votre vitesse de déplacement au moment du tir. On notera également des ajouts dans les options du jeu et notamment le Vote Kick que l'on peut lancer dans la fenêtre de chat pour proposer l'éviction d'un joueur.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Tribes Closed Beta Version 0.1.619.0
Server downtime: The Tribes Servers are expected to be down for several hours on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2011 while the patch is deployed. Watch the Server Status in Hi-Command for latest availability information.
Major Highlights

Converted all fully automatic hitscan weapons to use projectiles. This includes the Ranger’s Assault Rifle, Technician’s TCN4, and Infiltrator’s Rhino SMG.
Significantly improved projectile inheritance.
A votekick option has been added. Open the console and type “/votekick ” to initiate a vote to kick another player.
Significant improvements have been made to spectator functionality (see below). Further improvements are planned for future updates.
Added new accolades to reward flag grabs based on speed, e-grabs, vehicle destruction, flag defense, and generator defense.

Balance Items

Increased starting ammo on Soldier’s Spinfusor, Pathfinder’s Light Spinfusor, Jumper’s Bolt Launcher, and Juggernaut’s Heavy Spinfusor D.
The Pathfinder’s Iron Grip perk has been replaced by a new perk, Reach, which allows players to pick up flags at a larger distance. Players who had spent Pathfinder class XP to unlock Iron Grip will be refunded their XP.
Decreased time delay on Scrambler’s Arx Buster shot detonation.
Increased Scrambler’s default Health pool.
Adjusted skill order in the soldier’s skill tree.
Adjusted skills on the Infiltrator skill tree based upon the changes to the Rhino SMG.
The Shrike is now vulnerable to damage from all weapon types, and particularly vulnerable to standard projectile fire. Its health has been adjusted based on these new vulnerabilities.
Increased repair rates using repair tools on vehicles.
Implemented a brief “lock out” feature for inventory stations to help prevent players from rapidly revisiting them and exploiting various things.
Inventory Stations spawned from a call-in no longer kick starts health regen.

Spectator Changes

Enter and exit spectating through the Team Select window (default key bind is ‘P’) instead of through a console command.
Added the first part of a larger work-in-progress HUD overhaul to spectator -- an info pane with details of the viewed player. Additional panes will arrive in a later patch.
Fixed an issue where a spectating player was asked to select a team when the match ended.
Whiteout grenades no longer cause a spectator’s view to white out.
Damage post process effects no longer persist in spectator view.
When viewing a flag or flag base in spectate mode, players may zoom in and out.
Added spectator “bookmark” camera views throughout the maps. While spectating, hold ‘C’ and hit next/previous to cycle through the various views.
While spectating, toggling ‘O’ shows and hides objective markers.
While spectating, holding ‘R’ while clicking next or previous will snap to the fastest player.
Fixed win message at match conclusion when spectating.
When spectating a flag being captured, the camera now stays on the flag stand which received the capture rather than following the flag as it teleports back to its base.
When spectating a dropped flag being returned, the camera now enters free roam mode rather than following the flag as it teleports back to its base.
When spectating a flag carrier who drops the flag, the camera stays with the flag rather than the flag carrier.

Additional Items

The Ranger now costs 50 tokens. Most players should be able to unlock this class after their first full match. We hope this will help new users understand the class unlock process better.
Improved notification when Classes and Skills become affordable with Tokens and XP.
Locked classes are now ordered on the class screen based on their token price.
The game console has undergone major changes. Launching the console (default ~) will default into the “Say” menu, allowing users to type chat messages (even at match end). To execute a command, you must start your command with “/”. The currently supported commands are /report, /mute, /unmute, /votekick, /quit.
Vehicle improvements, including a HUD panel showing vehicle ammo and clip sizes.
Fixed an issue where skiing on a flat surface after previously skiing downhill could incorrectly compute velocity and cause projectiles that inherit the shooter’s velocity to veer off course.
Fixed Grav Cycle passenger floating off into oblivion.
Beowulf’s secondary gunner tracers now function properly.
Muzzle flashes now correctly work on all vehicles.
Fixed an issue where sometimes the Doombringer’s Saber Launcher missile particle effects were barely visible.
Fixed an issue where players standing on the flag stand and grabbing a flag thrown to them could not capture the flag unless they moved off the stand and back on.
Fixed an issue where players were stuck jetpacking when entering an inventory station while using the jetpack and releasing the jetpack button.
Fixed an issue where the first person arms mesh would sometimes not be correct on spawn or when changing classes to different armor types.
Fixed an issue where the call-in cooldown time was being reset when entering an inventory station or the player respawned.
Fixed an issue with the Sentinel’s Drop Jammer where, in some cases, it would continue the jamming effect on players who were outside of the range. This fix also addresses teammates being unable to remain cloaked when in the Jammer’s range.
Fixed an issue where certain keys were unusable in adding Friends.
The in-game login screen (not the Hi-Command login) has gone through a first pass of changes, preparing for future updates both to the game and Hi-Command. Significant further changes are planned.
Player Summary scene set as default after finishing a match. Some elements of the previous default XP summary have been incorporated into the Player Summary for quick accessibility.
Social Panel renamed to Friends Panel on footer in Menus.
Various bug fixes and enhancements for the Classes Scene.
End of Match chat is now done through the new console (see Major Highlights)
Fixed a bug allowing users to change what others see when they issue VGS commands.
Some under-the-cover network changes have been implemented, in preparation for future changes.

Known Issues

After being votekicked out of a match, some clients may experience a hang that requires a game restart.
Stealth players may show a small effect while skiing.
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