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Valve Software a sorti un nouveau patch pour Team Fortress 2. Celui-ci corrige plusieurs bugs et incorpore un nouveau chapeau pour célébrer la sortie d'Alien Swarm (jeu gratuit, anciennement mod d'Unreal Tournament 2004). Pour le débloquer il suffit d'avoir l'achievementl "Hat Trick" dans Alien Swarm (soit gagner deux co-op missions online) et de se connecter à Team Fortress 2.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

Team Fortress 2

* Added a Parasite hat to celebrate the release of Alien Swarm (http://www.alienswarm.com/)
* Fixed a client crash when opening the backpack while running in a language other than English.
* Fixed not being able to pick-up buildings in Arena mode.
* Fixed an exploit that allowed team kills with Wrangled sentries.
* Fixed a bug where teleporters could be given more than their normal amount of health.
* Fixed old demos with different data tables thinking the SourceTV player entity was burning.
* TF Bot Changes
o Improved performance of bot computations that are done when a point is captured, a round starts, or a checkpoint reached.
o Fixed Engineer bot infinite build-destroy behavior loop regression
o Fixed Medic bots losing their charge if they touch a resupply cabinet
o Fixed a crash due to having multiple types of bot systems running in-game simultaneously
o Fixed bot behavior issue resulting in bot pile-ups near level 3 teleporter entrances
o Bots no longer consider sapped sentries a dangerous threat
o Bots will not try to navigate through enemy spawn rooms (unless they have won the round)
o Bot Engineers will avoid building teleporters on steep slopes which can hinder teammate movement
o Added tf_bot_pyro_always_reflect cvar. Set to 1 to make Pyro bots always reflect projectiles, regardless of difficulty level.
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(#1) 21 juillet 2010 à 18h06
Faut que je teste le jeu pour voir s'il crash toujours quand il est en français.
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Vidéo Gonzo
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(#2) 21 juillet 2010 à 18h59
Non, ca va mieux maintenant. Ca m'a soulé comme bug.
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