Valve Software vient de sortir une nouvelle rustine pour Team Fortress 2, ce qui doit faire de lui le FPS le plus patché de l'univers. Au menu, on retrouve de nombreuses corrections, notamment liées au medic, qui voit l’impossibilité de déployer son uber charge corrigée, ou des corrections sur de nombreuses maps (goldrush, 2fort, mountainlab, dustbowl).

Fixed an infinite healing exploit related to loadout presets
Fixed a bug where Medics would be unable to deploy their ÜberCharge
Fixed an exploit in Mann vs. Machine mode related to purchasing upgrades for free
Fixed workshop contributors not being able to view all of their submitted items using the in-game menus
Fixed Strange versions of The Southern Hospitality not tracking sentry kills
Fixed The Fortified Compound not triggering the same taunts and voice lines as The Huntsman
Fixed not hearing the taunt sounds for The Boston Boom-Bringer and The Infernal Orchestrina on Mann vs. Machine maps
Fixed Natascha using the wrong material for the viewmodel
Fixed Killstreak sheen effects for the Flying Guillotine (style), The Bat Outta Hell (style), The Unarmed Combat, The Wrap Assassin, The Chargin’ Targe, and The Splendid Screen
Updated the equip_regions for The Sangu Sleeves, The Huntsman's Essentials, The Lucky Shot, and The Soldier's Stash
Updated The Crusader's Crossbow and The Festive Crusader's Crossbow to use the same crosshair as The Huntsman
Updated cp_dustbowl
Fixed Red team's stage 1 spawn door pushing players in the air
Fixed collision on windows, props, and rooflines
Fixed floating props
Fixed players building inside the alternate exit from the Red spawn in stage 3
Updated cp_mountainlab
Fixed exploit on rafters near control point 2
Updated ctf_2fort
Fixed collision on train-wheels prop outside Blu base
Fixed clipping on window ledges
Fixed collision on pipes in flag rooms
Fixed texture alignment on world map textures
Fixed clipping issue in the middle where Blu could stand in the sky
Updated pl_goldrush
Added nobuild area under the train tracks to prevent teleport trap near Blu spawn in stage 1
Community request:
Added convar hud_combattext_batching_window to be used with hud_combattext_batching
maximum delay between damage events in order to batch numbers
min 0.1, max 2.0, default 0.2
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