quakezero_001.jpgLes forums officiels de Quake Live annoncent les changements induits dans la dernière mise à jour de Quake Live, la version gratuite de Quake III Arena. Cette nouvelle version corrige de nombreux bugs sur les versions Mac et Linux du jeu, mais pas seulement puisqu'elle modifie des éléments de gameplay du jeu (notamment sur les dommages causés par le fusil à pompe).

Le jeu sera déjà patché lorsque vous le lancerez.

La liste complète des changements (anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Gameplay Changes:

* Fixed an issue that would cause one flag to go missing during a CTF match.
* Fixed issues with s_musicvolume and s_volume getting reset to pre-defined values rather than user settings.
* Fix for on-screen damage indicator. The effect was incorrect. Three new cvars have been added as well to modify the effect. (cg_screenDamage, cg_screenDamage_Self, cg_screenDamage_Team)
* Fix for spectator overhead name text popping during scaling.
* Console timestamps fixed when using the "echo" command.
* Changes to shotgun pellet spread. Inner ring now does more damage than outer ring, for a total of 110 damage.
* cg_hudfiles will now default back to ui/hud.txt when incorrectly set.

Platform Specific Changes:

* OSX: (10.6 specific) Sound issues resulting in extremely loud audio should be fixed.
* OSX: Sound mixing speed fixed.
* OSX: Right mouse button fixes.
* OSX: Game window now always on top.
* Linux: Mouse now properly returns to the middle of screen when leaving a menu under in_dgamouse 1. Should help with mouse focus issues.

New console variables:

* Added cg_HitBeep <0/1/2/3> (default: 1) to play different tones based on the amount of damage done to an opponent. 0 = off, 1 = single tone (old style), 2 = new multi-tone option, 3 = reverse multi-tone option.
* Added cg_crosshairHitStyle <0-8> (default: 0) to allow the same information given by cg_HitBeep to be displayed via the crosshair.

Styles breakdown as follows:
0 = Off (the default)
1 = Colorize the crosshair based on damage dealt.
2 = Colorize the crosshair to color designated by cg_crosshairHitColor.
3 = Pulse the crosshair. (This is an exaggerated/scaled pulse)
4 = Colorize by damage and Pulse the crosshair.
5 = Colorize by cg_crosshairHitColor and Pulse the crosshair.
6 = Pulse the crosshair with a smaller pulse. (same size as the cg_crosshairPulse uses when picking items up)
7 = Colorize by damage and pulse with smaller pulse.
8 = Colorize by cg_crosshairHitColor and pulse with smaller pulse.

NOTE: If using the exaggerated pulse, you may want to set your cg_crosshairSize to 16, as the default 32 can be a bit overboard.

* Added cg_crosshairHitColor <1-7> (default: 1) for hit styles that have a fixed color. For example, some players simply want the crosshair to turn red when a hit is made, rather than change color based on damage applied.
* Added cg_crosshairHitTime (default: 200) to allow players to modify the amount of time the crosshair hit effect is displayed.
* Added cg_screenDamage <0xRRGGBBAA> (default: 0x700000C8) to colorize the on screen damage indicator; use "cg_screenDamage 0" to disable.
* Added cg_screenDamage_Self <0xRRGGBBAA> (default: 0x00000000) to toggle the on screen damage indicator for self damage. (for example, damage from rocket jumping)
* Added cg_screenDamage_Team <0xRRGGBBAA> (default: 0x700000C8) to colorize the on screen damage indicator for team damage; use "cg_screenDamage_Team 0" to disable. (Friendly Fire in Team Deathmatch)
* Added cg_zoomOutOnDeath <0/1> (default: 1) to reset player FOVs back to normal on death. This is useful if you use the cg_zoomToggle cvar.

NOTE: The new cg_hitBeep and cg_crosshairStyle additions give you an idea of how well placed your shot was. They do not indicate how much health/armor your opponent has.

Web changes:

* Players accounts that have been banned for violating the Terms of Use are now noted as being 'suspended' on their account profile.
* Added the build number to the plugin download filename
* You can now hover over the various "Time Played" fields on your profile to see the exact amount of time that you've played in the given context.
* Players who haven't played a game in over a month will now have their profile properly display that rather than saying they have never played a game.
* Fixed a problem where valance background graphics weren't being served from the CDN
* Fixed a problem where players could get onto the site when they were unable to connect to the XMPP network. Now the site will block you at the loading screen until it is able to successfully establish the XMPP connection.
* Fixed problems where the sharing buttons on match details and news articles weren't working under certain circumstances.
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