id Software a sorti un gros patch pour Quake Live. Ce dernier ajoute trois nouvelles maps premium et corrige un gros paquet de bugs.

La liste complète des changements se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Today's update, QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 6, introduces 3 new Premium Arenas to QUAKE LIVE, a resolution to the recent hitching that has occurred when leaving the game, improvements to the Duel experience (including persistent duel queues and scoreboard fixes), and adjustments to weapon balance within Team Deathmatch.

Premium Maps Added:

* Concrete Palace (Duel):

From the Pawel Chrapka, author of "Leviathan" and "Dreadful Place", comes a new creation inspired by one of his earlier works. Concrete Palace is a masterful midsized duel arena with one primary atrium connected to itself by a slew of teleporters and small halls.

* Dies Irae (TDM):

Aptly named for the thirteenth century Latin hymn (Day of Wrath) and also from Pawel Chrapka, Dies Irae is a superb Team Deathmatch, Clan Arena, and FreezeTag arena. The level encompasses a large central hub room that is home to Quad, a floating platform, and a teleporter exit that has been caged off prior to opening. Great fun, recommended for 8-10 players.

* Skyward (CTF):

Based on an original open-sourced design by the Q3 Community mapper 'ButterB', Skyward is a clean and stylish 'space map' set high up in the sky. There three elaborate floating platforms set the stage for a well-balanced mix of cover and open-air combat. With plenty of armor, rockets, and plasma at your disposal, the railgun plays a much smaller role in Skyward combat than typical for a space map, leading to more close range fighting while still having to worry about long range enemy sniper fire. Recommended for 4-8 players.

Game Updates:

* Fixed the quit lag/delay: Hitching on Windows systems will no longer occur when leaving the game. Furthermore, fixes have been made to properly shutdown the games sound system prior to quitting so that looped sounds cannot occur when leaving the game.
* New Persistent Duel Play Queue:
The duel queue now persists properly across map changes. Your position in the queue is also shown on the scoreboard.
* Shotgun Pattern Calculation:
Shotgun now fires in a fixed pattern on the server, what little per-pellet spread used to exist is now purely a client-side visual effect. 'cg_trueShotgun' cvar (default 0), when enabled will show the pattern that the server uses for collision when enabled, while 0 will keep the original behavior.
* Minor Shotgun Balancing:
All pellets for the shotgun will now do 5 damage (still 20 pellets, now 100 dmg total) in most gametypes. Spread has been increased from 900 to 1000.
* Team Deathmatch Weapon Balancing:
Machineguns and Shotguns both now do 4 damage per bullet in Team Deathmatch to reduce their dominance.
* New Draw Item Pickup Multiplier:
When a series of items are picked up, such as shards or 5hp bubbles, the Draw Item Pickup notification will now include a multiplier. (Works on all items, except power-ups.)
* Fixed Player Head Bug:
The correct head skin will be displayed for players whose personal model was set to a non-default player skin.
* Fixed Team Balance Bug:
Matches won't start if teams are unbalanced by 2 players, instead of 3.
* Fixed UnnamedPlayer Exploit:
Addressed various conditions that could result in a player losing his name and becoming UnnamedPlayer. Players will also now be kicked if their name gets changed to UnnamedPlayer.
* Fixed Admin 'put' Command in Duel:
No longer allow admin cmds to 'put' players onto the red or blue team in Duel, allow the choice of free or spec in non-team gametypes.
* Fixed 'dropflag' Command During a Pause:
Players may no longer issue the 'dropflag' command while a match is paused or in a timeout.
* Added 'cg_itemFx' cvar:
Change how items are rendered in the world. Default 7. 1 = bounce, 2 = rotate, 4 = scale when spawning
* Added 'cg_simpleItemsRadius' cvar:
Scale size of the icons when Simple Items is enabled.
* Added 'cg_lightningImpactCap' cvar:
Change the size of the lightning impact effect when impact is closer than x units, default 96 units.
* Fixed Janet's Mipped Hair, the player model's hair will no longer improperly mip when picmip is used.
* Game no longer crashes when attempting to 'give' an invalid item.
* Slightly better flag positioning and image quality despite ignoring its proper aspect ratio.
* Improved flag images, no longer get scaled on scoreboard. (only a slight improvement)
* Fixed lightning stream bug that existed in third person while truelightning was enabled.
* Fixed Premium scoreboard display when a player goes into spectator, forfeiting the match.
* Reduced 'flag bounce' by half for dropped CTF flags.
* Various maps and other graphical assets have had textures optimized for filesize/bandwidth usage, resulting in a smaller download.

We've also added a few quick cvars that may be more of interest to movie makers:

* Added 'r_fastSkyColor' cvar:
Change the color of the sky when using fastsky (default 0x000000) This can be used in order to create a green screen to film against.
* Added 'cg_smokeRadius_dust' cvar:
Scale size of smoke plume in ground dust
* Added 'cg_smokeRadius_flight' cvar:
Scale size of smoke plume in flight trail
* Added 'cg_smokeRadius_haste' cvar:
Scale size of smoke plume in haste trail

Web Updates:

* Premium spawns will spawn and will only cycle through premium maps. Standard maps can still be callvoted as normal.
* Changed sorting of server list, non-player launched premium servers should appear at the top.
* Added timeout length and timeout amount to Start a Match controls. These are available under the Advanced Configuration.
* Added frag limit, time limit, capture limit, and round limit to Start a Match controls. These are available under the Advanced Configuration.
* Added damage dealt and damage received to match stats on website.

Map Updates:

* Double Impact: Additional clipping added to walls in RA room.
* Intervention: Teleporter trigger extended.
* Ironworks: Fixed clipping on curved wall between pg and medkit.
* Focal Point: Fixed unclipped ceiling, Fixed t-junction-like sparkles.
* Overlord: Fixed 3 50HP bubbles that were stuck in the ground.
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