Alientrap vient d'annoncer, via son site officiel, la sortie de la version 2.5 de Nexuiz, son FPS gratuit sous licence GPL. Près d'un an après la version 2.4.2, cette version 2.5 vient bouleverser beaucoup de choses. Tellement d'ailleurs qu'aucun patch n'est disponible et que vous aurez à tout réinstaller. Au menu des changements, la liste est considérable, on retiendra tout de même : de nouveaux effets graphiques, un nouveau mode de jeu nommé « Race » (le but étant de traverser les niveaux le plus vite possible grâce aux tricks du jeu : Rocket-Jump, etc...), de nouvelles cartes, un HUD totalement refondu, le netcode amélioré, un éditeur de cartes, de nouveaux sons, de nouveaux models et bien évidemment une liste énorme de corrections de bugs divers.

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Le téléchargement du jeu peut s'effectuer depuis SourceForge pour 636 Mo.

CHANGES from 2.4.2 to 2.5:
compat-q3a: switch crylink/hagar, as crylink is closer to BFG and hagar is closer to Plasmagun
engine: add a half-baked "commandmode" (currently it has, like messagemode, no history, no line editing)
engine: added blend and orientation commands for effectinfo.txt (overrides the defaults chosen by the particle type)
engine: added cvar sv_gameplayfix_gravityunaffectedbyticrate - off by default
engine: added shader keywords dpshadow and dpnoshadow (no parameters), these modify the shadowing properties of a mesh, regardless of its other properties
engine: allow cl_maxfps and cl_maxidlefps to be 0, meaning unlimited (like in many QW clients)
engine: Blub's "deflate" extension to the download system. Currently only provides csprogs.dat in deflated form. Compatible in both directions, compression is only done if both client and server use this new code.
engine: capturing to ogg/theora video (cl_capturevideo_ogg; requires theora and vorbisenc dlls), ogg and avi capturing are now modules in the engine
engine: cl_demo_mousegrab
engine: csqc can get bone infos
engine: cvarlist now accepts wildcards
engine: demo recording: stuff csprogs.dat files into .dem files so demos can always be played back
engine: disable DGA mouse by default
engine: effectinfo: add "stretchfactor"
engine: fix a possible bug with zym model animation (this looks like a typo, and fixing it makes the shotgun anim in nexuiz appear more consistent)
engine: fix bugs with q1bsp/hlbsp rotating submodels
engine: fixed crash with ATI drivers on shutdown or vid_restart
engine: fixed pointsound in csqc
engine: fixed several collision bug regarding non solid players
engine: fix memory corruption when using trailparticles with an effect that has a dlight
engine: get rid of skinframe loading spam on dedicated servers
engine: if in menu, make con_closeontoggleconsole.integer also enable the toggleconsole key
engine: implemented occlusion query support on corona rendering, this enables coronas to fade according to the percentage of occluded pixels around the light origin, giving a more realistic corona behavior
engine: implemented zpass shadowing, not used yet
engine: model_brush: use the same tesselation number for patches in the same LOD group (q3map2 writes the same mins/maxs for any patch inside a LOD group, and this fact is used for identifying LOD groups)
engine: mod_q3bsp_nolightmaps: do not load lightmaps, use the bad q3map2-written vertex lighting instead (you have been warned). Mostly useful for maps with HUUUUGE lightmaps on low-end systems.
engine: new command by terrencehill: "status 1" and "status 2" as alternate, more readable status displays. "status" unchanged.
engine: new tcmod: "tcmod page
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