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Nexuiz passe en 2.3

nexuiz_001.jpgNexuiz, le FPS gratuit développé par Alientrap vient de passer en version 2.3. Cette version est plutôt impressionnante dans la quantité de bugs qu'elle corrige mais aussi dans ses ajouts qui sont nombreux. Ainsi, l'équipe de développement à ajouté un nouveau mode de jeu baptisé « Key Hunt » et trois nouvelles cartes (ruiner, final_rage et reslimed). Bien évidemment pour un shoot orienté multijoueur, le netcode à été amélioré pour mieux supporter les variations de ping ainsi que le packet loss et une protection contre les tricheurs à été ajoutée par défaut.

La liste -encore longue- des améliorations et optimisations de cette nouvelle version se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.
Pour le téléchargement (273 Mo), rendez-vous sur l'un des miroirs suivants :
Changes from 2.2.3 to 2.3

special things:

* THIS IS NOT A PATCH DOWNLOAD.. DO NOT OVERWRITE YOUR OLD NEXUIZ DIRECTORY!! Doing that will lead to errors!! Use an other directory!
* Anyone that gets less fps (mostly ATI cards, mostly on Linux or older cards) should try to disable Vertex Buffer Objects in the video menu (or gl_vbo 0) and in case this is still not good enough also try to disable the OpenGL 2.0 Shaders in the same menu (or r_glsl 0)
* For server admins: The wallhack prevention is on by default now but in the old server.cfg example file it was disabled. You have to make sure to use sv_cullentities_trace 1 in your server.cfg or just remove any such line from their server.cfg and restart the server so the new default setting is used. This line was in the old server.cfg so server admins knew about it and could enable it for special servers. But now it creates a problem as this line disables the feature unless its changed. Its best if server admins use the NEW server.cfg example file and redo their settings.
* Also for server admins: The q3mappack we released earlier contained a few errors. Please grab the complete fixed pack here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/nexuiz/nexmappack_r2.zip or if you already have the old version get the fix for it here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/nexuiz/zzz-nexmappack_r1_to_r2.pk3

new features:

* eye candy!!! gloss and normal maps for even more models, transparent console background, new Nexgun effect, bullet impacts, animated most jump pads
* huge FPS improvements, aka rendering is WAY faster now
* netcode improved, more resistant to high ping and packet loss (better prediction)
* enabled wallhack prevention by default (server admin, please take care that this is really enabled if you use the old server.cfg example file)
* new maps ruiner, final_rage and reslimed
* map dieselpower revived
* newtonian weapon physics: projectiles fly faster if the player moves faster
* next map voting at level end
* new game mode "Key Hunt"
* automatic demo recording and menu options for it
* improved support for q3 shaders on all model and map formats
* single stage shader tcMod and tcGen support
* shownetgraph -> quake3 lag-o-meter like display
* the hook has a new model
* new projectile models for the laser, tracers (shotgun, machine gun), crylink and electro secondary (blobs)
* r_glsl_contrastboost as a slower but nicer alternative to gamma, should also work fine on Vista
* static (indicates bases and flag carrier) and deployable waypoints that you and your team can see even through walls to help teamplay
* cl_zoomfactor, cl_zoomspeed options for the client
* Nexuiz Pro added (special settings for Nexuiz, making it more quake3 like, new weapon settings, new physics. Use with 'gamedir pro' in the console or the startup option -game pro)
* apple_multithreadedgl 1 should improve the performance on mac (set to 0 if this causes problems)
* display humans playing and total players(humans+bots) in the menu (new servers only)
* chat flood prevention
* menu buttons to choose low, med, normal, high, ultra and ultimate graphic settings
* spawn sounds
* g_balance_teams_complain 1 will nag players to switch if teams are unbalanced
* setting to have simple majority (more yes then no votes) instead of more then 50% yes votes
* vote nagging till you have voted
* scoreboard has a gray background, chat area has more customization options.
* new g_pickup_* customization variables
* health/armor rot can be linear
* added physicsQ3.cfg so people can enable quake3 style physics (not default)
* quit_and_redirect for server admins (sends players to an other server)
* new benchmark demos
* added iplog support (logs player names/ips, searchable)
* two new crosshairs
* added r_picmipworld to stop picmipping the whole level (similar to r_picmipsprites)
* control the origin of shoots (g_shootfromeye / g_shootfromcenter)
* added eX texture set (for mappers)
* added a way to have looping .ogg files
* quote " so you now can have " inside " "
* jump pads flash when activated
* reorganized config files (buttons in the video menu) to look the best possible way even at low settings)
* button g to drop the current gun, button f to drop the key(s) in Key Hunt and menu entires to change it
* new skin for the laser
* use all the new maps in the campaign
* new menu entries for vertex buffers and smaller menu changes
* new option -capturedemo to capture a demo to an AVI file and quit afterwards
* new cvars cl_capturevideo_width, cl_capturevideo_height to scale down video capture
* no longer have mouse acceleration on mac by default (apple_mouse_noaccel 0 to get back the old behaviour)
* support libcurl 4
* the Oscar for the most useless feature goes to: v_flipped flips all 3D view except sprites and flips input to compensate, basically a poor man's left handed mode

bug fixes:

* weapon adjustments: crylink made stronger, shotgun has bigger spread so its a bit weaker in general, electro primary has a higher rate of fire
* bots now are more human like and better at CTF, campaign should be a bit easier
* removed clientcommands as rcon is the same and even better
* corrected FAQ and added some stuff
* improved maps to better work with the wallhack prevention
* better compatibility with quake3 maps
* menu switch for vsync
* stopped ClamAV unwarranted complains about some compressed files
* no mirror damage from hitting team corpses
* keep console open after disconnect so people can see the reason (maybe kick reason)
* reduced network load
* spectators finally see the gun and hear the hit sound of the spectatee
* sprites (like the chat icon, team bubble and the new waypoints) are no longer picmipped
* fix teleporters sometimes frag the player that entered it as second
* use less memory
* fixed GLSL related crashes, should now be more friendly to ATI graphic cards in general
* fixed some keys not working on mac
* larger sound radius so you hear more
* unlit maps now have a default lighting so items are no longer black
* reconnect works now like people expect it to
* fixed collision code (some spawn points made you stuck in 2.2.3)
* fixed guns sometimes not being displayed
* the SDL variants have correct gamma after vid_restart (e.g. after switching fullscreen/windowed)
* some minor map fixes (floating items, missing textures, such stuff)
* minplayers honors spectators
* memory usage reduced even further (reduced and more intelligent precaches among other changes)
* forced team balance works better now
* more detailed error message when trying to switch weapon
* fixed some item sizes
* more fps friendly rain
* further improved netcode and prediction
* "spawnpoint in solid" messages fixed for maps that had them (dismal, silvercity iirc)
* even more reduced memory usage and graphic-memory usage
* fixed sound releated crashes (happend often in timedemos)
* typos and mistakes in the map descriptions fixed
* spawn sound is different from teleport sound
* teamtalk sound is different from normal talk sound
* the hooks robe does no longer get segmented sometimes
* projectiles like rockets, electro blobs and grenades now cast shadows
* realigned shot origins and muzzleflashes
* matching weapon hud icons for the machinegun and shotgun
* adjusted bot campaign skill
* bots no longer get stuck on the outer walls on silvercity
* sounds lava/slime damage only for players not for gibs to save bandwidth
* fixed ping being displayed in the console sometimes
* fixed WSAECONNRESET error
* stopped 'I can make others say things' bug and made wrapped lines look better
* improved singleplayer smoothness
* reduced graphic memory usage
* some more eye candy changes for the maps and guns
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