rainbowsixvegas2_001.jpgAlors que le jeu n'est toujours pas disponible dans nos contrées sur PC (il sort jeudi en Europe), Rainbow Six : Vegas 2 se voit déjà doté d'un premier patch. Estampillé 1.01, cette première rustine corrige quelques bugs, ajoute le support vocal et équilibre un peu le gameplay du mode multijoueurs.

Pour près de 50 Mo, le téléchargement peut s'effectuer sur l'un des miroirs suivants :La liste complète des changements se trouve en anglais dans la suite de la nouvelle.

* Added Voice Chat Support
* Pressing F5 now refreshes the match search list
* Fix for spawn camping
* Switch weapon is now faster in adversarial
* Lower respawn timer for deathmatch and team deathmatch
* Added Team balance XP penalty
* Enabled outfitting option in observer mode.
* Team Leader respawn modification: Respawning with the leader is now the default option

Bugs fixed:

* Fixed hang time when playing matches on certain graphics hardware
* Fixed delays for clients when using the custom face feature in-game
* Fixed game crash when the user would click in a certain area from the Leaderboards menu
* Fixed textures corruption when changing antialiasing repeatedly on certain graphics hardware
* Reviewed some achievements unlock when playing online
* Fixed game mode selection bug after being kicked from a dedicated server
* Fixed online problem of client being thrown out of a game when host uses Alt+Tab
* Fixed problem related to weapon templates switch when using only a keyboard
* Fixed the map update in the games list when the SADS uses map cycle
* Fixed issue with The Ace Always Wins! reward
* Fixed malfunction with mouse/keyboard uses in menus
* Fixed a client crash releated to host changing server for the Comcast Event map
* Fixed issue with the Face Scan on certain camera hardware
* Added fix to prevent opening console while chatting
* Fixes allowing better support of ATI Crossfire configuration
* Fixed HUD problems when using all of the Rainbow's grenades
* Fixed issue when the host would get stuck in the pause menu by kicking the clients while he is respawning
* Fixed a black screen issue when client would join a game in progress.
* Fixed problems related to weapon restriction configuration in Terrorist Hunt
* Fixed experience boost exploit in the first act in single player
* Fixed issue of the crosshairs that disapear when taking cover and aiming simultaneously.
* Fixed sound issue when Bishop's weapons are lost if the user shoots and kills Dennis Cohen.
* Fixed the wrong behavior of a hand gun after changing it from Outfitting menu.
* Fixed issue where client gets stuck in the respawn screen at 0 seconds while in observer mode
* Fixed respawn issue when playing terrorist hunt game at realistic difficulty
* Fixed issue of the laser beam shifting off target after shooting with a pistol
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