Primotech qui a adoré Portal s'est demandé comment introduire l'arme du jeu dans Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 : Episode 1 ou tout autre jeu utilisant le Source Engine. Le résultat est assez saisissant. Le gameplay s'en trouve totalement chamboulé, ces jeux n'étant pas fait pour ça, mais l'exploit mérite d'être souligné.

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Les différentes étapes pour intégrer l'arme de Portal dans Half-Life 2 se trouvent en anglais dans la suite de la nouvelle.
  • First off, backup up your entire Portal directory in a safe place. It's the folder marked "portal" in ..\Steam\steamapps\(your_username)\. We, nor Valve, take any responsibility in the unlikely event of you hosing your game files. Worse comes to worse though, you could always just redownload.
  • Next, download and install, if you haven't already, GCFScape. This handy program will allow you to access the cached game files for any Source-powered game, in addition to several other Steam games you may have downloaded.
  • Once that's done, browse to the directory ..\Steam\steamapps\. There, you'll see all the available GCF archives. We'll start with Half-Life 2.
  • Open the GCF marked "half-life 2 content.gcf" You'll see a directory tree in the left pane. Click the box to the left of the folder marked "hl2" to see the directory listing contained within it. Then, right-click "maps" select "Extract" and extract the entire folder into the directory \Steam\steamapps\the_great_bundini\portal\portal. This will merge it with the existing Portal map folder.
  • Do the same with the "scenes" folder
  • Fire up Steam and run Portal. When it's done doing its thing, open up the developer console with "~" (you may need to enable it under your keyboard options).
  • At the console, type "maps *" to list all the available maps. Now that you've imported the Half-Life 2 maps, this will be a fairly lengthy list and some of the names, like citadel and canals, should seem familiar.
  • Type "map" and then the map name to open that map. For instance, "map d1_canals_01"
  • When the map is done loading, pull up the console again and enable cheats by entering "sv_cheats 1"
  • To give yourself all weapons, including the portal gun, enter "impulse 101"
  • Depending on how far you got in Portal, you may need to upgrade the portal gun to fire both portals. Enter "upgrade_portalgun" to do so
  • Go lay waste to some alien scum with the power of portals!
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J'ai éssayé, c'est vraiment marrant.

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