Randy "DuvalMagic" Pitchford annonce sur les forums de Gearbox que des informations vont bientôt filtrer sur Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway.

En effet, Gearbox Software organise une tournée presse fin mai, l'ensemble de la presse spécialisée devrait donc avoir moultes détails à révéler sur le jeu d'ici peu. Randy annonce aussi qu'il livrera des informations exclusives sur le jeu dans ce même forum après la tournée de presse.

Le mesasge complet se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

I know we've been quiet for a long time. Perhaps too long.

The fact is that the BiA Hell's Highway team has been working hard. The team has the ambition to make the best game they've ever worked on and to make the best next-generation Brothers in Arms game they can imagine. The hard work is paying off. I can tell you that the game is, in a nutshell, amazing. We're ready to start talking again. We're ready to start showing the game.

Get ready!

Colonel Antal and I are spending the entire month at press events meeting with journalists from all over the world. By the end of May, news and information should start trickling out. Then, the trickle will turn into a stream. I'm going to be on the road pretty much non-stop until the last week of May.

When I get back, I intend to offer some exclusive information right here on the Gearbox Forums. I don't know what I'm going to talk about yet or if we're going to show any screenshots or video, but we'll do something.

I'm also going to start getting more active in BiA forums again. It's going to be hard for me while I'm travelling, but after the press tour you can expect to see me visit at least once a week for awhile. I don't recommend sending my any private messages - I get so many, I'm not likely to be able to reply, let alone read them all. I do scan the forums, however, and I expect I'll be able to dialogue on the forums with some of you who are most hardcore :)

Thanks for the interest and support. I'm confident BiA HH will not only be worth the wait, but will be the best WW2 action game ever released. It's certainly the best game I've ever been involved with.


-Randy Pitchford
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