stalkershadowofchern_009.jpgFilePlanet propose de télécharger ce qui semblerait être le premier patch pour S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Ce patch pèse moins de 10 Mo corrige pas moins de 68 points, essentiellement pour le mode multijoueur, qui sont détaillés dans le changelog.
Nous pensions que le patch était uniquement réservé à la version Russe du jeu, mais apparemment FilePlanet le distribue en tant que « worldwide ».
Mais attention, ce patch n'est pas compatible avec la version précédente, ce qui rendra vos anciennes sauvegardes inutilisables.

-= v1.0001 March 26, 2007 =-
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Patch Release Notes

-*Important Installation information*-

There are different versions of the patch for the different SKU's released worldwide and for the Digital Distribution version.
After installing the patch, you will still be able to play multiplayer games across the different SKUs, but it is very important that you install the correct patch for your SKU.

If you live in the USA please download and install


If you live in the rest of the world please download and install


If you purchased your copy through the Direct Download service, please download and install


Saved Games

Please note that Saved games from previous versions will NOT work with the patch.
After installing this patch, please go to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\STALKER-SHOC\savedgames" and make sure any saves that were created prior to installing the patch are deleted.
You will need to make sure that hidden folders are visible on the view tab of the folder options menu.


After installing the patch, please note the version number that has been added to the bottom left corner of the Main Menu screen.
You will only be able to connect to servers hosted on that same version.

The patch fixes the following bugs:

1. Buttons remain "pressed" and value changes on its own in Options
2. Players can kill teammates with the knife when friendly fire is set to 0
3. Game crashed when client player types a server command in console
4. Game crashes when entering a MP game after dying in SP
5. Multiplayer map names will appear in debug text format when voting to change a multiplayer map during gameplay.
6. The game crashes while attempting to purchase an item, after pressing Buy button multiple times from the Buy Menu.
7. The game crashes when the user triggers an anomaly after the anomaly time is set to 0.
8. Purchased affordable weapons fail to be in the inventory when one item purchased exceeds the user's monetary amount.
9. The player will lose the weapon he has stored in his inventory as well as the equipped weapon when the equipped weapon is dropped in MP.
10. The host is able to pause the game during an MP game.
11. Players are able to duplicate other player names by using the "name" command in the console.
12. The user is unable to view a fly-by cutscene if their PDA is open while triggering the cutscene.
13. The user can speed up time with the * key on the numpad in SP
14. Players can damage and kill other teammates while friendly fire is set to 0.0
15. The starting weather in-game does not accurately reflect the starting weather set by the server host in multiplayer match
16. The corpse created by a user switching teams remains in the game when playing multiplayer team deathmatch or artifact hunt.
17. Options "show weapon" and "NPC identification" fail to function
18. The up and down function for the look feature are inverted through out the game.
19. The server will crash when the players vote to change maps, but don't select a map to change to.
20. Players will take no fall damage when friendly fire is set to 0 on the server
21. The player dies when trying to exit out of the skin menu back into gameplay
22. Death by an anomaly is not recorded as a negative frag when playing Team Deathmatch.
23. Game Crash when opening buy menu from certain spot in Artifact Hunt mode
24. The prompt for the buy menu and entry via pressing the spacebar appears when in spectator mode during any network game.
25. Professor Kruglov sometimes can't open the door to the mobile science lab
26. When player stands close to a wall and shoots grenade launcher, the grenade falls out of the map without damaging anyone.
27. Possibility of killing enemies through the roofs and walls
28. When killing Wolf before completing any of additional quests given from him, these quests doesn't change status from "Active Tasks" to "Failed Tasks" in PDA.
29. Problem with quest: "Kill gang leader" when piece of text in PDA is directing user to kill leader in Dark Valley. Quest is completed after kill this bandit on Garbage level.
30. Disappearing piece of scroll belt in Main Menu when the player changes resolution to 800x600
31. Anomalies were not appearing when turned on in server options menu.
32. Game crashed when creating a Team Deathmatch server with spectator on.
33. Problems with ‘Slug’ artifact.
34. Possibility to take the decoder through the Wall
35. Issue with cash in inventory on MP build
36. NPC called Seriy has 3 different names: Seriy, Gray and Grey.
37. Problem with price of weapon in inventory
38. Game crashed when vote for kicking a player ended
39. Rare game crash during multiplayer match, after players choose a team.
40. Exploit with update rate command
41. Wood in barrels is flickering, although there's no fire there.
42. Player can jump between 2 stalkers and table inside the bar and become stuck.
43. Two side quests from Sakharov have wrong description.
44. After playing in multiplayer mode and then starting single player game, Sidorovich has one of multiplayer nicks instead of his name.
45. Game crashed when player fight with pseudodogs on red forest.
46. The game crashes to a non-responsive state (task manager) when attempting to host multiplayer game a second time with an invalid CD-key.
47. On Win 2000 PCs, the Windows Desktop cursor has no functionality when minimizing the game (Alt+Tab).
48. The game will result in a soft crash when a player dies from radioactive poisoning, then immediately falls into the tunnel well that leads out of the Agroprom Underground level.
49. The arrow buttons remain depressed when clicked and dragged off the boxes, thus making the value increase or decrease indefinitely in the options menu of network games.
50. Game crashed during map rotation. This issue occurs several times while playing with maps (Vehicle station, Desolated Village and Deserted Factory)
51. Game crashes when entering an MP game after dying in SP
52. The Host will crash and all Clients will either return to the main menu, crash to the desktop, or the program will shut itself down and return the user to the desktop, when attempting to drop a player while users are In-Game
53. Users are able to pick up an opponent's grenade after it has been thrown and then use it themselves.
54. The players name switches to a random player's name with a _1 after it in multiplayer if no name is entered in the network games menu.
55. Players fail to be kicked, after unanimously voting to remove them, during network gameplay.
56. Player is unable to ban other player, everybody vote for, line "voting succeed" appears and nothing happens. Player that was supposed to be banned still can play and do whatever he wants on the server.
57. The starting weather in-game does not accurately reflect the starting weather set by the server host in multiplayer match
58. Saved game are over written when attempting a second save uses the first saved game's name followed by a "space" and any other word or number during single player campaign.
59. The artifact is unaffected by gravity when dropped during an artifact hunt game.
60. Players take no explosion damage when the friendly fire damage option is set to 0 in the server options of a team deathmatch game.
61. The game will crash, halting progression when transferring from Station to the Sarcophagus.
62. When player wants to reload a weapon, and start fast shooting, he can't do that because weapon continues reloading.
63. The game crashes when a player is killed immediately after they are re-spawned into the game.
64. The weapons fail to scroll when using the mouse wheel after all the grenades have been used during single player gameplay.
65. Minor text bugs.
66. Various balance issues in Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
67. Various known exploits/cheats.
68. Various other issues.
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Nb msg : 873
(#1) 27 mars 2007 à 15h12
C'est nul si ça efface les sauvegardes
Les FPS, c'est de la merde.

Responsable Hardware de Zeden
Nb msg : 1500
(#2) 27 mars 2007 à 15h16
C'est pas que ca les efface, c'est qu'elles ne sont plus compatibles.
C'est un problème classique, et en tant que developpeur, je sais que la gestion de plusieurs versions de formats de fichier peut virer au cauchemar...
Marchez doucement car vous marchez sur mes rêves

Gros Membre
Nb msg : 1068
(#3) 27 mars 2007 à 19h53
Bah non, je recommencerais pas, surtout que j'ai vu tres peu de bugs jusqu'a la

Nb msg : 1846
(#4) 27 mars 2007 à 21h44
Mouais c'est clair XPierrot, mais changer un format de fichier après release d'un produit sans outil de conversion, c'est assez minable.
Webmaster et fanboy id Software.

ex archiviste
Nb msg : 302
(#5) 27 mars 2007 à 23h04
C'est classique dans les FPS pourtant.
Sinon le fichier est également dispo sur clubic. Et la version multilingue est bien celle de 8 mégas. nice job kids !

Nb msg : 185
(#6) 27 mars 2007 à 23h07
67. Various known exploits/cheats.

Très bien
You want a piece of me ? Come and get some baby!

Nb msg : 31
(#7) 28 mars 2007 à 18h19
Voilà moi j'ai un problème avec le jeu.
Il troune bien sur mon pc,niquel.
Mais, j'ai un problème avec le ciel.
si je regarde en l'air et que je bouje ma souris,tous les arbres,les colinnes,les entrepots,les oiseaux,etc...
tous ce multiplie dans le ciel.
bref,je ne vois même pas la couleur du ciel
c'est ch... !!!
Si vous pouvez m'aider sa serait simpat.

Rédacteur en Chef/Dieu
Nb msg : 2497
(#8) 28 mars 2007 à 22h01
C'est un bug connu celui du ciel, il suffit de mettre à jour ses drivers : http://www.zeden.net/actu/11567-Mettez-vos-pilotes-a-jour--
No comment !

Nb msg : 1846
(#9) 28 mars 2007 à 22h22
Quel OS utilises-tu ?

Si tu tourne sur Vista un mec suggère de désactiver l'éclairage dynamique et de tourner le jeu en mode compatible XP SP2 :
I was able to fix it by turning off dynamic lighting and running it in XP SP2 compatibility mode by right-clicking the desktop icon and going to properties.
Essaie tout de même d'abord de mettre tes drivers à jour !
Webmaster et fanboy id Software.

Nb msg : 1
(#10) 29 mars 2007 à 00h48

"If you purchased your copy through the Direct Download service, please download and install

Je le trouve nul part ce download pour la version digital-distribution.
Quelqu'un l'a vu sur le net?


Nb msg : 1846
(#11) 29 mars 2007 à 16h20
Pour le moment non, mais gageons qu'elle pointera le bout du nez d'ici peu.
Webmaster et fanboy id Software.

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