Comme nous l'annoncait hier l'ami Ouamdu, un patch pour le mode multijoueur de Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic était en préparation, avec un gros tas de bugs à corriger. Ceci étant, le patch est désormais disponible ! Alors pour mettre votre jeu à jour, rien de plus simple : redémarrez Steam, jusqu'au prochain patch, pour le mode solo, espérons...

Si vous vous de plus amples informations sur les bugs corrigés, le changelog se trouve dans la suite de cette news.

MP Update 1.01 changes and bug fixes

- ‘Can’t find background image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf’ error: Due to incorrect registry key setting for Steam language, now fixed

- ¾ Loading Progression lockup: Fixed

- Loading bar: Now displays progress information

- Remembering skills on disconnect: When a player reconnects to a server the game should return him to his previous level. This will not work across campaigns (new campaign wipes all skills).

- Scoreboard fonts: Changed the scoreboard to ensure it displays 32 players even at low officially unsupported resolutions (e.g. 640x480)

- Main Menu: We have made sure the main menu displays even at low resolutions (e.g. 640x480)

- Battle Begins Message Flicker: Fixed

- Backstab improvements: We have made yet more improvements to the backstab system, making it smoother to trigger and preventing 'lockup' situations

- Assassin cloak / capture points: Now the action of taking a point is considered an 'aggressive' act and will de-cloak an assassin

- Stoneskin damage change: Stoneskin now lasts less long on priestesses than other characters. Stoneskin will slow a staff user's attacks down while stoneskinned.

- Leaping attack bug fixed. Knights must now sprint up to a minimum speed before triggering Leap Attack. Sprint forwards for 1/2 a second or so, jump and press fire to trigger the attack.

- Nvidia antialiasing code: Prevents users selecting an antialiasing mode their card does not support

- Alt-Tab is now re-enabled: This is officially unsupported and the users’ mileage will vary depending on drivers/cards etc.

- Windowed Mode: Entering a command line parameter of ‘-window’ will enable the game to be played in a window.

- ‘-width’ will specify a standard resolution (such as –width 800 for 800x600): Again, this is officially unsupported and mileage will vary!

- Game Servers in Steam Browser: Should now be visible in the standard out-of-game server browser
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