Ritual vient de patcher Sin Episodes : Emergence. Ce patch corrige quelques bugs et surtout ajoute trois nouvelles cartes pour le mode de jeu Arena. Comme d'habitude, le patch sera effectif lorsque vous démarrerez Steam.

Le changelog complet (anglais) se trouve dans la suite de la nouvelle.

SiN Episodes: Emergence

* Added three new Arena Mode maps (The Pit, Behind Zee Beaker, Vertigo)
* Added confirmation prompt when deleting Arena Mode scores
* Added opt-out stats collection for the regular campaign on the main menu
* Added foreign translations for Arena Mode dialogs
* Fixed issue where all secrets could not be collected in final map
* Fixed issue where context look triggers could get "stuck" and the context look icon would appear for the remainder of the level
* Fixed issue where Arena Mode rounds would end approximately 2 seconds too early
* Fixed issue where players could be killed after the "Game Over" screen in Arena Mode
* Fixed issue where stats exported to HTML from an Arena Mode game were incorrect
* Fixed issue where players would get stats credited for the actions of NPC's
* Fixed issue where subtitles would not appear during all of the "Next Episode" preview
* Fixed issue where mutagenic gas would cause screen to black out on Radeon 9000, 9200 and 9250 series cards
* Fixed issue where player could not turn left or right using the keyboard without disabling the mouse
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