La modification Plan of Attack revient à l'oeuvre avec sa version 3.0 apportant quatre nouvelles cartes. Le changelog est disponible ci-dessous ainsi que deux images de cette nouvelle version.

- Télécharger Plan of Attack 3.0

--- Change Log ---

Major Additions :
  • Strategy system and in-game strategy editor
  • Two new official maps: Gauntlet and Prison
  • Two new community maps: poa_loading and poa_industrial (by Soulfather and Siebenburgen)
  • In-game tutorial

Minor Additions :
  • Newly optimized map Spark
  • New hand and glove textures
  • New team and class selection menu images
  • Optimized world weapon models
  • Team killing punishment system
  • Legend on the in-game map
  • Rockets go through broken glass

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