Steam s'est mis à jour récemment afin de régler principalement quelques problèmes avec Windows XP SP2 (changelog ci-dessous).

Steam Client
  • Fixed backup wizard creating invalid backup files for Source games
  • Improved content server selection on WinXP SP2

    HLDS Update Tool (Windows Version)
  • Improved content server selection on WinXP SP2

    SourceTV (part of the Source Dedicated Server)
  • Added hostname to tv_status output
  • Changed the behavior of "tv_relay" command to automatically stop any running map
  • Added command "tv_clients" to list connected spectators/proxy
  • Added -tvmasteronly command line parameter to restrict tvmaxclients to 1 - for use when feeding a single proxy server (not broadcasting)
  • Fixed high CPU usage when running a non standard tick rate
  • Fixed Linux build not correctly initializing, and then not running properly
  • Fixed "tv_maxclients 0" working if SourceTV is used for recording demos only
  • Fixed a couple other crashes
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