Brothers In Arms, le jeu d'Ubisoft reprennant la seconde guerre mondiale, vient de passer en version 1.03. Les changements sont présents ci-dessous.

- Télécharger Brothers In Arms 1.03 (~5.5 Mo)

--- Changelog ---

- Added player kick feature to the MP lobby. Syntax: /kick
- Added "player quit" message to multiplayer
- Added in-game screenshot functionality, bound to function key F9
- Added functionality to update profiles when changing localized versions
- Improved general performance and stability
- Improved Ubisoft game service performance and stability
- Implemented 24 character limit on server names
- Updated profiles to include performance options
- Updated karma physics to prevent potential issues with certain AMD CPUs
- Debriefing lobby chat line clamped to 399 characters
- Fixed MP debriefing client freeze during extended play sessions
- Included game service registry entries in uninstaller
- Game displays correct error when second CD key is detected online
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