Peu de temps après mon test sur la modification Capture The Flag, l'équipe du mod vient de sortir la version 1.3. Le changelog est disponible ci-dessous. Notez principalement l'ajout de cartes.

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  • ---- Change log ----


    * Updated ctf_defrost
    * Updated ctf_dirtwork
    * Updated ctf_prisonriot
    * Updated ctf_lambda_bunker
    * Updated ctf_gunshot
    * Added ctf_subway
    * Added ctf_canals
    * Added ctf_stinger
    * Added ctf_storm


    * Added ready system
    * Added map voting system
    * Added notification of when you were auto-switched to balance teams
    * Added 2 point scoring bonus for assists
    * Added cl_redenemy which allows mouse over to enemy to always be red and mouse over friendly to always be green
    * Team balance doesn't wait until death anymore and always switches lowest scoring player
    * Added flashing text to indicate flag status
    * Changed slam color to indicate team
    * Increased SG clip to 8 shots and reduced max carry count
    * Reduced Crossbow damage
    * Players can now set their fov between 75 and 120 using "fov X"
    * Removed starting 25 armor
    * Removed RPG laser dot
    * Allow the gravity gun to push other players
    * Added game events for flag capture, flag return, and assist
    * Tweaked scoreboard size
    * Added CTF game options to menu

    Bug Fixes:

    * Fixed longstanding HL2DM underwater sound death bug
    * Fixed auto team balance keeping you dead
    * Fixed cl_autoweaponswitch not working in some situations
    * Added sprint to the list of keybinds
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