L'équipe de SourceForts sort cette semaine sa version 1.4 de son mod dont le changelog est disponible ci-dessous. Pour rappel, votre objectif dans SourceForts est de construire un fort permettant de protéger votre drapeau et ainsi le défendre avec vos camarades. A première vue, cette modification à l'air assez spéciale, ceci étant, je vous proposerais peut-être un test de cette version par la suite.

SourceForts 1.4 (~11 mo) :A noter que des captures d'images sont disponibles sur le site.

---- Changelog ----

v1.4 29/03/05 05:49
  • Added Subharmonic Destablizer to unfreeze fort peices
  • Made money seperate from frags
  • When a team scores a flag, everyone on that team gets 5 monies
  • Fixed flag auto-returning while help
  • Fixed impulse commands working with sv_cheats off
  • Made a short build time and a long build time
  • Renamed mp_fighttime to mp_fight_time
  • Made it so you can't freeze/unfreeze flags anymore
  • Fixed gravity gun making things stay invisable/not having collision on mode switch
  • ade the game name SourceForts v1.4 so you don't see old servers
  • Made muzzle flashes light up the world instead of just models
  • Fixed bouncing physics (not confirmed)
  • Added 2 second intervals beforce unfreezing things.
  • Added OnGrab/OnReturn/OnScore/OnDrop outputs for the flag.
  • Made gravity gun, freezer gun and repair spanner buyable in a pack for fight mode.
  • Allowed self-freezing during fight mode.
  • Added a repair spanner for fixing damagable pieces.
  • Fixed crashing if flags are set to freeze during build mode or move during fight mode
  • Removed damage from gravity gun
  • Added a new cvar: mp_damageable_pieces
  • Added outputs to logic_gametimer for when the game mode switches (to anything)
  • Made fort pieces damageable, they unfreeze once all health is gone. Health is 5000
  • Added an entity (game_money) to give or take money from teams or players
  • Made freezer gun show sparks if you fire
  • Can't use the freezer gun on players
  • sf_testmap: Made prettier, added vphysics clips to materials room for the flag. Added occluders.
  • sf_fortfield: New map. Thanks Tylak!
  • sf_domo: New map. Thanks domo!
  • sf_battlefield_v3: New map. Thanks Cleaner!
  • sf_abandon: Updated.
  • sf_skywalk: Updated.
  • sf_citystreets: Removed.
  • sf_bridged: Removed.
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