Grosse grosse mise à jour pour Half-Life² et ses dérivés puisque Valve vient de donner le changelog disponible ci-dessous. Il suffit simplement de démarrer ou redémarrer Steam pour effectuer le téléchargement.
  • Counter-Strike: Source
    • New hostage rescue map cs_compound
    • Added Source version of de_train
    • Upgraded version of the CT player model
    • Location names are shown in radio/team chat, and under the radar
    • Server tickrate can be specified with -tickrate
    • Added radio command aliases
    • Added mp_humanteam cvar [any | ct | t] (forces human players onto specified team - useful for humans vs bots)
    • Added new "match" mode for bot_quota -- If bot_quota_mode = "match", bot count = (human count) * bot_quota
    • Bots no longer automatically follow humans (bot_auto_follow now defaults to 0)
    • Bots are balanced before humans with mp_autoteambalance
    • Bots can open simple +use doors
    • Bots change their names to match the prefix when bot_prefix changes
    • Several improvements to bot behavior when paths become blocked -- solves problems specific to cs_havana
    • Bots won't throw grenades if something is blocking their throw
    • Bots are better at only breaking objects that are in their way
    • Fixed bug where a bot occasionally "dithered" rapidly between two or more targets without firing bot_kick and bot_kill console commands use the bot's base name without the bot_prefix de_piranesi - bots avoid the breakable crates better.
    • A bomb exploding just as the round restarts no longer kills players at the start of the next round
    • Grenades being thrown when the player dies no longer disappear
    • Increased mp_limitteams bounds to 0-30, where 0 will disable this functionality
    • Players' arms and hands can be hit by bullets now
    • Target ID font is proportional, and it doesn't resize incorrectly after a resolution change
    • Overviews don't show player locations when mp_fadetoblack is on
    • Players with spaces in their names can be selected in the spectator GUI
    • Observers can change their name at round restart
    • Throwing a grenade right at round restart no longer results in holding a "ghost" grenade viewmodel at respawn
  • Source Engine
    • Fixed a bug where snd_mixahead was not working properly. Should fix some sound popping problems for certain sound hardware when running at a low framerate
    • Added support for a new surround sound buffering technique that streams six discrete channels instead of using DirectSound3D. Use snd_digital_surround in the console to enable this. This allows for support of Dolby Digital 5.1 on nForce2 hardware
    • Allow mp3 playback at rates other than 44100Hz. This was requested by the MOD community
  • Master Server Query Protocol
    • Added a challenge number to A2S_PLAYER and A2S_RULES server queries
    • setting "sv_enableoldqueries" to 1 (default) allows old style (no challenge/response) queries to work. By default queries don't require a challenge number for clients on the same B class network, change "sv_allowlocalquery" to 0 to disable this functionality
    • Changed A2S_INF server query to require the string "Source Engine Query" appended to the end of the query packet.
  • Half_life 2: Deathmatch
    • Fixed model exploit that would allow players to select an invalid player model
    • Added weapon type to server log
Pour les anglophobes, le principal à retenir est la sortie de deux cartes Counter-Strike : cs_compound et de_train, ainsi que l'ajout d'un nouveau modèle Anti-terroriste et bien sûr, la correction de nombreux bugs.

Histoire d'avoir un petit aperçu, je vous propose deux captures d'images dont une montre le nouveau modèle Anti-terroriste, et l'autre, une partie de la carte de_train.

(Merci à Brice alias "Musicoman" pour ces images)
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