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« The "right" way for suspects to win in this mode is by killing off any opposing SWAT officers while subduing the VIP with a Taser. Then you must handcuff the poor sap and keep him down for two minutes. Being handcuffed and on your knees isn't really dignified, especially when the suspects continue to zap you with a Taser for laughs. But when VIPs recover from initial shock, they can actually crawl on their knees at a reduced movement speed. This may not sound like much, but most of SWAT 4's environments are indoor areas that have several tight corners and scattered furniture and debris that can be used as cover. Consequently, VIPs may have a shot at escaping, especially if their SWAT buddies can make smart use of flashbangs or tear gas canisters to provide distractions while moving in for rescues. Exactly where the VIP gets captured plays a big role in this too, so if the suspects can put down the VIP in a narrow corridor, especially one bounded by closed doors, they've got a very strong advantage. However, capturing the VIP out in the open leaves suspects vulnerable to potshots from SWAT officers who fan out. »
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