Le patch pour Joint Ops vient de sortir, il corrige/ajoute une liste bien exhaustive de bugs/trucs.

Pour la version française, c'est par ici, et pour la version anglaise, c'est par .

Voici le Changelog : Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to stop spawning when they were destroyed in water Target designator now makes a sound when used in training missions Reversing sounds for vehicles are now pitching correctly Added correct message for when players run over civilians Added vehicle tumbling sounds Fixed volume setting on dry fire sound effect Fixed map loading crash Claymores no longer display on their side while on an object Claymores no longer fall through objects Fixed respawning issue with players that leave the game attached to the drivers seat Fixed a waypoint named “null” Players can now kill themselves with their own explosives. Improved overall stability Fixed a bug that causes reflections to not turn on Fixed chopper spinning while still on the ground Fixed bug in XML parser that caused crashes on very large NILE project files All vehicles now respawn correctly Fixed scoring on the PSP takeovers Text is now spaced correctly on certain resolutions Sound effects slider in the menus now effects the menu sound effects NovaWorld games now sort correctly. Fixed a bug that caused rounds on the clients to look like they were falling short Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck in the jumping animation Fixed delayed dry fire sounds Fixed a bug with the Iris Jade loadscreen Respawning in games with PSP now use the smart spawning method Players can now cycle through their weapons when using the mouse wheel to scroll Fixed a bug that caused weapons to remain after dying. Fixed bug that caused decorations to be ini’ted as organics. Caused mis-synchs. Fixed bug with Mouse sensitivity/Player save file Fixed bug that allowed multiple instance to open. Exceptions have been made for /serveonly flag. Fixed a stutter with the M60 mounted on the Zodiac movement Fixed two bugs where an object was set to give off the wrong particle effects Fixed the dry fire delay on all weapons Adjusted the muzzle effects from the BTR-80 to be less obtrusive Added the E brake functionality to the Land vehicle training mission loadscreen Squad chat is no longer available in LAN games. Fixed two inconsistencies with the player loadout and training missions Player can now mute other players via the commanders interface “Free Look” and “Scope Toggle” now display as yellow if more than one function is assigned to them The King of the Hill time limit will no longer be set to zero if left blank Fixed a bug on the Twin Isle map Trying to reload when you die in a training mission no longer removes the players weapon when they restart / now shows a conflict when other actions are assigned to it. Fixed bug with tapping the Hot Swap key as a Medic Fixed four bugs in the Stinger Training mission Fixed two bugs in the Machine Gun Training mission Host Message and Server Name are now updating correctly when the host uses serve only.
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