La version 1.5 du mod AirBuccaneers pour UT2k4 vient de sortir. Elle est compatible unqiquement avec UT2k4, pèse 230Mo, nécessite au minimum la version 3323 du jeu (Windows/Mac/Linux), et vous devrez désinstaller toute version antiérieure à cette nouvelle version.

Voici les ajouts/corrections :
  • Bot AI hugely improved: includes for example better cannon and basecannon handling, use of flamethrower and rockets shots while in cannon, use of boost moves while steering, reacting to enemy boarders and own base defence
  • Easy to use complaint system added against TK'ers
  • All airship models redone and retextured
  • All map lightings redone
  • Ship repair kits added. Are usually left behind from destroyed enemy ships
  • Background legends and stories of AirBuccaneers accessible from the main menu
  • Gunner's mate added to help with the cannon firing and loading, the guy in the barrel
  • Lots of model textures redone & polished
  • Map added (press M to show/hide)
  • New menu and trophyroom musics added
  • New first person models and animations for weapons
  • Possible to configure server to allow use of custom characters
  • Updated to use the new UT2004 version v3323
  • Crouch bug fixed, players now fall when crouched on a dropping ship
  • Some bugfixes and polishment
Pour le télécharger, c'est par ici (version Install), et . (version Zippée)
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