Après le patch 3323, voici qu'un 5 ème patch est en preparation pour UT2004. Il est principalement destiné à l'amelioration des véhicules de l'Editor's Choice Edition.

Voici le changelog annoncé pour ce correctif, dont le numéro de version n'est pas encore connu.

Onslaught related:
  • Added a gunner indicator for the Cicada.
  • Onslaught low skill bot AI tweaks
  • Max lifespan for shot down ONSMortarCamera
  • Fixed regular dust showing when Manta jumps over water
  • Fixed Cicada staying above StallZ if driver switches to gunner position
  • Fixed SPMA engine sound volume
  • Tweaked powercore destruction and electricity sounds
  • Improved artillery explosion effect

General Gameplay:
  • Fixed Berserk combo (properly turns client side weapon changes on and off)
  • Fixed quadjump mutator in multiplay (was only allowing regular double jump on first jump)
  • Fixed gamespeed mutator "sticking" in instant action games
  • Don't let Cicada passengers carry flag (for VCTF)
  • Added OnslaughtBP.UCL to patch so bonus pack mutators will show up
  • Fixed problem with landing view shake sometimes not working at very low frame rates
  • Fixed bug where not all actors got NotifyTeamChanged() when client team changed
  • Assault objective announcements can come from packages other than AssaultAnnouncer
  • IonCannonKillVolume bug fixes
  • Don't allow players to change teams if team sizes are equal if bPlayersBalanceTeams is true
  • Fixed team balancing code bug
  • Fixed footstep sounds playing while in vehicle where driver isn't visible if enter while running
  • Removed obsolete weapon debugging code

Demo recording:
  • Fixed client-side demo recording of vehicles

  • Fixed WebAdmin play list to report the proper ping.
  • Fixed resetting initial position of saved move when moves are combined
  • Increased min idle kick time to 30 seconds
  • Never idle kick player if only human in game
  • Moved gamespeed option in URL parsing to after mutator spawning, so gamespeed can be set from URL
  • More speedhack detection tweaks (less false positives)
  • Server CPU use improvements relative to last patch
  • Consider CPU saturation in determining whether to do extra work on server to reduce bandwidth use for low bandwidth clients

  • Fixed map list menu problems with bonus vehicles and custom link setups.

Mod Author Related:
  • Fixed spider physics view direction setting bug
  • Added (slow) full dangling reference checking (server side only) option. Logs dangling references which could cause a crash during gameplay or on GC. Use only for testing, as it is very slow, by adding bServerRefChecking=true to the [Engine.Engine] section of UT2004.ini. Run a dedicated server with bots, connect to it to start it up, and let them go at it.

Il n'y a plus qu'à attendre que ce patch sorte !
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Nb msg : 353
(#1) 29 octobre 2004 à 18h09
euhpur les zeden match, vous joué avec quel patch? parce que j'avais insatllé l'editors choice, et ben j'ai perdu tout controle du jeu... je pouvais rien faire de plus que tirer et sauter... je pouvais pas bouger...
Let the bass boom !!!
Lovely day for a Guinness!!!

Responsable Hardware de Zeden
Nb msg : 1500
(#2) 29 octobre 2004 à 18h21
avec le 3323. Tu avais reconfiguré tes touches ?
Marchez doucement car vous marchez sur mes rêves

Nb msg : 353
(#3) 29 octobre 2004 à 18h42
oui mais elles sautaient sans arret... apres j'ai du formater mon HD... je retenterai 1DC4
Let the bass boom !!!
Lovely day for a Guinness!!!

Nb msg : 353
(#4) 29 octobre 2004 à 19h06
bon j'ai reinstaller le jeux, patch 3270. mais comme avant je peux rien faire.
Let the bass boom !!!
Lovely day for a Guinness!!!

Admin serveur UT2K4
Nb msg : 151
(#5) 29 octobre 2004 à 19h49
Sur le serveur, le patch installé est toujour le dernier sortit ! (les versions beta ne comptent pas)
[!] Commentaires fermés pour cette nouvelle.