Le mod "Troopers : Dawn Of Destiny" est basé sur l'univers de Star Wars, et vient de sortir en version 4.

Si les gros blasters vous font mourir d'envie et si piloter un Xwing est un rêve de gosse (et que vous avez pas joué a Xwing ou Tie Fighter il y a 10 ans), alors ce mod est fait pour vous !

Quelques screenshots fort sympathiques de la "vieille" 2.10 font esperer le meilleur pour cette 4 ème version.

Par rapport à la V3, cette mouture apporte les changements suivants :
  • Several new Objective Maps have been added to the game. Battlegrounds now available for exploration include the dense forests and eerie temples of Yavin 4, the close confines and winding streets of Mos Eisley, and the expansive surface of the Death Star itself.
  • A class system has been implemented into Objective Match, whereby you can select one of four possibilities: Scout, Trooper, Engineer, or Medic. Each class plays differently, enhanced with unique abilities, characteristics, and equipment.
  • Almost a dozen new weapons and items have been added to the game, ranging from the BlasTech DLT20-A Rifle, to the Imperial Scout Pistol, to Electrobinoculars and Proton Grenades.
  • A completely new Heads Up Display (HUD) has been created to assist in relaying crucial data to the player, while retaining the mod's distinctive customization options.
  • The game's Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been redesigned, eschewing the classic UT2004 navigational design and immersing the player in the Troopers experience from the very first.
  • Combat has been vastly improved with the addition of the leaning and sprinting abilities. In addition, the weapon system has been revisited, and a challenging new recoil system has been added. Related gameplay variables have been tweaked for optimal balance.
  • Pilotable X-Wing and TIE-class snubfighters have been completely incorporated into gameplay, along with their own distinctive HUDs and weapon loadouts.

Pour télécharger, c'est sur cette page.
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Ca a l'air cool !!!
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