Le mod réaliste le plus populaire pour UT2k4 passe en version 1.38.
Ceci est principalement pour le rendre compatible avec le patch 3236, mais il ajoute de nombreuses autres choses qui sont mentionnées dans le chanlog ci-dessous.
Si vous désirez télécharger le mod en version complète cela pèse 376 Mo et si vous êtes déjà à la version 1.37 ce n'est seulement que 19Mo qui vous attendent, les deux versions sont téléchargeables sur le site officiel

Voici le chanlog (en anglais) :
- Added support for bullet water splashes and water rings
- Added support for ladder strafing added in UT2004 v3236
- Added "SwitchTrait" function for quickly switching traits
during preround or while dead ONLY.
- Added traits "Bloody Mess" and "Grunt"
- Added missing mercenary arm mesh for Red Label
- Added more information when spectating to make it a bit more

- HeadShot damage upped 8%
- Reduced P90 recoil by 10%
- Adjusted 3rd person sidearm positions to fit better in hands
- Akimbo system received a 100% rewrite. "Yes, we can rebuild it.
We can make it stronger, faster, better."
- Raised 3rd person footstep sound radius
- Readded animation enforcement to stop wrong 3rd person weapon
animation being used
- Several traits rebalanced: Bomber, Sprinter, Pyro, Ex-Cop, Ninja,
- New method of opening the team select menu, should fix several
connection problems
- Grenade timers all reduced by 0.1 seconds
- Using new ragdoll for females
- Updated the scoreboard with new graphics and features
- Choosing a random team now automatically picks a trait for you, but
if you have one already selected it will use that instead.
- Included a better-looking masked beret female mercenary model

- Fixed sellweapon bind giving back wrong amount of cash
- Fixed buyarmor bind from taking away too much money when repairing
- Fixed objectives able to end round after round already over, same
with people changing teams or leaving the game setting off the
endround checker.
- Fixed when last person alive on one team is kickvoted, the round
does not end
- Fixed missing impact sound on flash grenades
- Fixed a resting loop
- Fixed a buymenu-related money exploit
- Fixed retrieval objective carrier keeping/dropping objective after
- Fixed flash grenade effects continuing after death
- Fixed some layer ordering on the HUD
- Fixed accessed none in Killed function
- Fixed accessed none in Died function
- Fixed cost of secondary grenade not being updated in buymenu
- Fixed a weapon hand setting problem that sometimes caused odd
positioning/invisible weapons
- Fixed inaudible footsteps
- Fixed incorrect labelling in speech menu
- May have fixed a mapchange crash

- Fixed a hole in alcatraz causing low fps and player deaths
- Fixed a bad antiportal in TrainingArena
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