Nom de code 3200, poids 12.1Mb, voici la nouvelle version du "béta patch" 3197, nous sommes heureux de constater qu'un "nocd" est inclus dans le patch, ce qui devrait permettre de jouer sans le cd (ou le DVD selon votre version du jeu)
Voici donc le log pour cete nouvelle version :

- Speed up ALAudio initialization in editor by not precaching sounds

- CD/DVD not required to play

- fixed menu range for idle kick timer
- Add bFixedMouseSize to lock the size of the cursor
- Fixed GUIPage closing issue (Thanks Wormbo)
- Fixed Sorting issue with Map Lists
- Fixed issues with the OwnageMap page and older clients.
- fixed zoom instagib beam positioning
- improved hidden lightning gun beam positioning
- fixed bioammo positioning

Mod Author Related
- AdrenalinePickup amount no longer hard coded
- Added support for a mod based KarmaData directory
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