Comme l'indique notre partenaire LanGamers, ainsi que Blue's News, la troisième démo de Far Cry qui devait s'intituler "boat", a été une première fois repoussée, puis ensuite complètement annulée. L'annonce officielle de l'annulation provient d'un message sur le forum officiel du jeu :
We're sorry there has been so much confusion over the release of the "boat" and multiplayer demos. To clarify things :

- The "boat" demo has been cancelled and will not be released.
- There will be a multiplayer demo but it will be released soon after the release of the game.
- There will be five difficuly levels in the game, not three as in the demo.

We're only a few days away now from release. "Boat" is, personally, my favourite level and is well worth the wait
par Bibi Commenter

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