20 février 2004, 14h28 Icone Solar

Solar débarque

Le développement de Breed étant fini, Brat Designs se penchent sur un autre jeu SOLAR. Tout comme Breed c'est un FPS futuriste qui utilise le moteur Mercury.
'SOLAR' is a tightly focused, near future, battlefield gaming experience allowing both single player and multiplayer modes over vast terrains, with up to 32 players in a game. Single player games use multiplayer maps with the addition of advanced AI bots to simulate multiplayer gaming styles. 'SOLAR' has two warring factions, each with it�s own set of weapons and vehicles, varying from trench mortars to long range bombardment cannons with payloads of neurotoxins. Transportation in 'SOLAR' varies by faction, each with a unique range of land, sea and air units, providing varied game play choices.

Pour le moment, très peu d'informations seulement quelques images.

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