Après une semaine d'attente la mise a jour 1.3.0 du jeu America's Army Operations est maintenant disponible. Vous la trouverez en cliquant sur ce lien (28 mo). Voici une partie de la liste de ce qu'elle corrige :
* New Map: Mountain Pass:
- This map is essentially a continuation of the Bridge map, taking place in a large, mountainous region on the other side of the tunnel. The Assaulting team must reach and secure a convoy that has been captured by enemy forces.

* Added Combat Effectiveness Meter (CEM):
- This meter will essentially illustrate your combat readiness in any given situation. It is affected by many different factors, including your speed, health, posture, native class, action, proximity to leader, being fired upon, explosions, and more. By using this meter, players will have a much better understanding of their ability to hit the target while in combat. Additionally, as we move forward and introduce new features to the game, look for more elements to be tied to this meter, adding a greater diversity to player effectiveness when compared with training, experience and special attributes.

* Added Honor System:
- Players will all start out with an Honor rating of 10. Good behavior and team play will be rewarded, while bad behavior will be penalized. Players' ratings will increase or decrease over time, depending on how they play. These ratings will be persistent, and will be maintained in players' personnel jackets. In this way, players may invest in their characters and see an increase in abilities and benefits the more that they play the game. Like the CEM mentioned above, as we move forward with the game, look for more and more features to be tied into the Honor system.

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